American Consulate Employers in Mexico Advised to ‘Shelter in Place’ Because of the Border Activities 

American consulate employers in Mexico advised to 'shelter in place' because of border activities

On Monday, during a conflict with Mexican marines, four people were killed. In Mexico City Matamoros, the American Consulate Employers imposed an emergency alert to shelter in place because of the outbreak of gun brutality in the city. 

Because of gun violence, the Consulate revealed that their workers are now under a “shelter-in-place order.” The administration urged other American citizens to take the same safety measures. 

The Matamoros Consulate general wrote a post on social media, saying that Consulate employees are currently under a shelter-in-place order until 1:30 PM in Matamoros due to gun violence occurring in the city.

Post continued, “We recommend you shelter in place and stay tuned until further updates in your area. This week, in Matamoros, was on highlights of brutal gun violence after a conflict including Mexican marines.

The United States consulate companies in Mexico advised to 'shelter in place' because of border activities
American consulate firms in Mexico suggested to ‘shelter in place’ because of border activities

On Monday, in an encounter with Mexican officials throughout an inquiry into kidnapping, 4 people were killed. Matamoros is situated over the Rio Grande from Brownsville, Texas.

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