Harry Styles,29, Takes Up A New Bald Head Look: Fans Shocked

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Harry Styles,29, Takes Up A New Bald Head Look: Fans Shocked

Harry Styles’ fresh buzzcut style has taken his followers by surprise. Throughout his career, the “As It Was” singer has captivated a lot of fans with his hairstyle choices, which have ranged from mid-length curls to a more wavy mane.

Although Styles dismissed speculations last year that his voluminous hair was a wig concealing his “baldness” beneath, the singer and actor has now freed his scalp by cutting all of his hair off.

Some hair is so iconic that people notice when it goes missing. There’s Harry Styles, for example. Therefore, attention was diverted from Bono and directed toward Styles’s new hairstyle when the pop sensation stepped up for a U2 concert that was at the Las Vegas Sphere on Thursday, sporting a new buzz cut instead of his typical swept-back brown.

We all know by now that Harry Styles adores a perfectly timed hairstyle change. I will always remember the exact place I was when I learned he had chopped off his long, curly hair. (He later gave it to a charity to build a wig for a young cancer patient.) Recent images of the celebrity without virtually any hair at all have emerged, making this his most striking makeover to date.

The “Fine Line” singer, who has been connected to actor Taylor Russell since June, was spotted in the audience and had a shaved head.

Following the release of photos of the 29-year-old superstar’s new haircut on TMZ on Thursday, many went to X, formerly Twitter, to express their disapproval.


He is “Harry Styles but no hair to style,” said one person on X/Twitter, while another made a lighthearted comparison between his appearance and Millie Bobby Brown’s shaved head from Stranger Things.

Others have conveyed their sorrow over Styles’s trademark hairstyle disappearing. A user shared a widely shared video of Adele casually scanning the court during a basketball game.

Does this buzz therefore herald the beginning of a (looser) reinvention? If this is the case, the change should not be shocking because pop singers are masters at keeping people guessing.

You can view Harry Styles’s buzz cut here. This haircut follows years of rumors that he is bald and that his stunning hair is the product of toupees and hair pieces. A possible Styles hair conspiracy was the subject of more than two million recordings back in 2022, first surfacing on the popular celebrity gossip account DeuxMoi.

People’s disbelief is understandable given that Styles’ curly hair has been a defining characteristic throughout the years. While some fans are offended, others find nothing wrong with the singer’s new appearance, and some have even conjectured as to why he might have shaved off his hair.

Of course, those conspiracies—many of them lighthearted—are just that—theories, and the truth about Harry Styles’ follicular condition is essentially nonexistent. The person who created the hairpiece deserves a Nobel Prize if he was wearing it for that long. However, a haircut is ultimately just a haircut, so perhaps all he needed was a change of scenery or a vacation from styling products. 

More Bout Harry Styles

Fans of the former member of One Direction have been taken aback by his artistic choices on multiple occasions this year.

Styles appeared to have the word “Olivia” tattooed on his thigh in July paparazzi images of him on a boat trip in Bolsena, Italy. This was presumably done as an homage to his ex-girlfriend Olivia Wilde. Styles also appeared to have the word “colazione”—Italian for breakfast—written on her leg, though it’s unclear if the two tattoos are related.

His “Olivia” tattoo, nevertheless, has also been linked to the 2015 One Direction song of the exact same name and the deceased pet cat of his sister.

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