‘Madame Web’, 2024, Previews And Reactions

Madame Web

Following the Sony/Marvel film’s Los Angeles premiere on Monday night, Madame Web was finally made public. The initial reactions have already been shared on social media.

Dakota Johnson plays a clairvoyant woman in the superhero film named for her. Sydney Sweeney, Mike Epps, Emma Roberts, Adam Scott, Celeste O’Connor, Isabela Merced, and Tahar Rahim are also in the cast. Madame Web was written by S.J. Clarkson,  Burk Sharpless, Matt Sazama, and Claire Parker. Clarkson directed the film.

What We Look At In The ‘Madame Web’ Trailer?

Cassie Webb (Dakota Johnson) remembers from the Madame Web trailer that her mother was in the Amazon researching spiders just before she passed away.

Although this Constance Webb (Kerry Bishé) information soon became a copypasta joke, Cassie has a valid cause for being obsessed with it: Ultimately, her mother did pass away during that journey, and she was still carrying Cassie! Constance passes away during childbirth, but her daughter lives on thanks to Las Arañas, also known as Spider-People, and their extremely powerful healing spiders.

Adult Cassie is left feeling sad, enraged, and full of contempt after the encounter, and as a result, she avoids social situations. She has no idea that Las Arañas has given her clairvoyance, which will inspire her to adopt a litter of spiderlings who, like her, lack a web to call home.

Johnson hasn’t exactly been bursting with enthusiasm, even though she has been appearing on TV and doing interviews. She talked candidly about how challenging it was to act in sequences before the visual effects were applied in Entertainment Weekly.

She claimed that it was insane and that she had no idea if this would work out at all! She used the occasion in L’Officiel to criticize the mainstream cinema business. She went on to say that fear was the motivating factor for all decision-makers, and they all wanted to do what was safe, even when it was the dull option.

At its core is a low-stakes superhero origin tale, driven by a really funny performance by Dakota Johnson. However, the film’s visually chaotic (literally) ending marks the feature debut of veteran television director S.J. Clarkson, and the majority of the conversation throughout is leaden exposition.

This can occasionally be used to humorous effect, as Johnson’s Cassie Webb finds herself having to explain to people what strange things are occurring to her over and over again, her frustration building with each explanation.

However, a lot of the information dumps in the script, attributed to “Morbius” authors Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless as well as Clarkson and Claire Parker, are inadvertently funny in their simplicity. 

What is our current opinion on superhero movies? If recent box office totals and reviews are any guide, not very good. Madame Web evokes memories of a bygone era, a hazardous attempt at intellectual property that could have performed at least somewhat better seven years prior. Or perhaps not.

The film also functions as a throwback to a bygone, pre-Iron Man period of comic book adaptation; stylistically, it is closer to Halle Berry’s terrible 2004 film Catwoman than it is to anything that has recently come out of the Marvel machine.

'Madame Web', 2024, Previews And Reactions
One Of The Few Interviews Dakota Johnson Did During The Madame Web Press Trip That Generated News Was On Late Night With Seth Meyers


On the other hand, if necessary, the charming irreverence that Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney bring to their roles may be interpreted as camp. There are hints—more like loose ends—that “Madame Web” intended to be more eccentric and ambitious than she was.

In a different adaptation, the character would have been more bonded to you-know-who if she had developed love feelings for Ben (Adam Scott), a fellow paramedic and potential uncle.

Sony scheduled Venom 3 for release on November 8 and Kraven the Hunter for release on August 30 after Madame Web.

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