Special Prosecutor Of Fani Willis, 52, In The Trump Case Could Be Her Downfall

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Special Prosecutor Of Fani Willis, 52, In The Trump Case Could Be Her Downfall

At Friday’s hearing in the Trump RICO case, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s office was represented by the finest and the worst of her team of prosecutors while she was away.

The best is John Floyd, a private attorney who is acknowledged as the nation’s foremost authority on Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations in Georgia and beyond.

When Fani Willis assisted her in a RICO indictment of twelve Atlanta public school teachers for conspiring to falsify standardized test scores in 2013, he was merely an associate district attorney. Willis was elected district attorney in 2020 thanks in part to the case.

It is now evident that when Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis appointed Nathan Wade as her special prosecutor for the Georgia election meddling case against Donald Trump, she violated multiple professional conduct guidelines, Fulton County code, and state law.

Nathan Wade wasn’t denying having an affair with his boss, DA Willis when he was sighted by The Post on Thursday.

Defending Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s “every right” to take her complaint to Georgia lawmakers, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp said in a statement that the charges against Willis were “deeply troubling.”

The governor did not press Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr to launch a criminal inquiry into the situation right now, as Greene had asked in her correspondence with the two state representatives.

Judge Scott McAfee of Fulton County Superior Court stated amid a Friday hearing that he was first awaiting Willis’s response to the misconduct accusations made by Mike Roman, a former high-ranking campaign aide to President Trump and one of the criminal case’s 14 remaining co-defendants, in a Monday court filing. There hasn’t been one thus far.

Roman is seeking to remove Fani Willis and her office from the case, stating Willis has been involved in a “personal, romantic relationship” with Nathan Wade, whose organization has been paid over $650,000 by the office of the district attorney since he was as an outside prosecutor on the case in November 2021.

Upon Nathan Wade’s appointment as lead prosecutor in the Georgia election tampering case in 2021, several of his closest associates, attorneys in Cobb County, where Wade was licensed to practice, questioned, “Why him?”

Of all the Georgian court circuits, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis employed the greatest number of salaried attorneys with the most criminal prosecution experience. Wade had briefly prosecuted cases in the past, but he had only ever dealt with misdemeanors.

She gushed about Wade as her “personal mentor” and a “meaningful person” who inspired her to run for the DA position in a recently discovered interview.

Fani Willis
Marjorie Taylor Greene Speaks With Media In Washington, D.C. On July 13, 2023. On Wednesday, Greene Filed A Complaint Requesting A Criminal Investigation On District Attorney Fani Willis, Which She Forwarded To Governor Brian Kemp And The Georgia Attorney General


Kemp stated that the Georgia General Assembly established a specific procedure to look into cases like this, that evidence should be given promptly, and that Georgians needed to be able to trust that trial. The congresswoman had every right, he continued, to forward her complaint to the oversight commission after it started operating fully.

Newsweek was informed by the governor’s office that Kemp believes the oversight commission established the previous year was the best way to address these kinds of grievances.

Fani Willis’ Statement About Wade

Wade took a brief leave of absence and opened a mediocre family law and personal injury firm. Willis departed the same year that Trump faced the loss he still wouldn’t accept when she was elected district attorney.

Wade was brought in for the Trump case by Willis, who later indicated that she wanted someone reliable to handle the heat and abuse that would undoubtedly come with the case. It is quite unlikely that she had any idea how intense the scrutiny would become shortly.

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