McCarthy Will Be Expelled From His Position As House Speaker, Matt Gaetz Announces

Home Politics McCarthy Will Be Expelled From His Position As House Speaker, Matt Gaetz Announces
House Rep. Matt Gaetz

Rep. Matt Gaetz, a staunch conservative from Florida, declared on Sunday that he will make an effort this week to remove House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California.

In a meeting with CNN’s “State of the Union,” Gaetz declared that he would file a “motion to vacate” against McCarthy this week in an effort to have him removed from his leadership post.

Matt Gaetz stated, “I think we ought to pull off the Band-Aid. “I think we need new, reliable leadership to move forward.” McCarthy reacted to the move to vacate by saying, “I’ll survive.”

McCarthy reportedly added, “This is personal with Matt,”– reporter Ben Siegel and ABC producer. Gaetz, though, emphasized on CNN that he was not seeking McCarthy’s dismissal because of personal issues. 

Kevin McCarthy Will Be Expelled From His Position As House Speaker, Matt Gaetz Announces
On September 29, 2023, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Listens At a Press Conference At The Capitol in Washington


The House Democrats now control Kevin McCarthy’s speakership’s future.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), who has promised to start a conservative-led drive to remove him this week, is anticipated to make the GOP leader rely again on Democrats after they helped keep the government funded on Saturday.

On March 17, 1910, the House last convened for a vote to remove the Speaker of the House.

A proposal to remove Speaker Joe Cannon from his position as head of the House Rules body, often known as the Speaker’s Committee and a crucial body for concluding House business, was put out in 1910 by Nebraska Representative George Norris.

Norris, who disliked the speaker, asked to join the House Judiciary Committee, but Cannon, who also assigned committee assignments, turned him down and advised him to “get a reputation” first. Norris retained a resolution in his pocket to terminate Cannon’s employment going forward.

Expulsion needs a two-thirds majority vote. Republicans’ dominance also puts them on shaky ground. 433 people remain in the House. Regarding Rep. George Santos, R-New York, who has been federally charged, the situation is uncertain. The majority of the GOP may be on the verge of being tipped if members were to be ejected, retire, or pass away. 

If McCarthy ever reached across the aisle to pass a continuing resolution, Gaetz has frequently threatened to file a move to resign. Matt Gaetz advocated for GOP leadership to push through the 12 appropriation bills required to permanently finance the government, even if doing so would result in a national government shutdown.

We must approach expenditure legislation with a single concept, according to Gaetz. In order to put in place a structure where the House and Senate will individually debate over each of these federal entities, we are currently working to resign, Gaetz said.

As Democrats decide whether to intervene to defend McCarthy, it will push the House into uncharted ground this week — an unusual situation in which the minority sets a course of action in the chamber. To remain in office, the speaker will require 218 votes. It is not a guarantee, but some Republicans and Democrats think they could muster enough support to keep him in office – at least for a while.

When questioned how many Republicans favor his proposal, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) responded, “Enough where House Democrats have an option: accept Kevin or ditch him.” Kevin McCarthy will no longer be mine after this week.

It wouldn’t be the first time McCarthy’s shaky relationship with a group of extreme conservatives made history if he were to face a speakership challenge.

The longest campaign for the gavel in 164 years went down to 15 votes in January for his election as speaker of the House. McCarthy decided to let just one person advance a motion to vacate as part of a compromise to win over the reluctant right wing of his party.

Matt Gaetz’s Statement
House Rep. Matt Gaetz
House Rep. Matt Gaetz Speaks With The Members Of Media


Earlier this year, Gaetz’s office told Fox News Digital in a statement that “the Department of Justice has verified to Congressman Matt Gaetz’s attorneys that their investigation ended and that he will not be punished with any crimes.” 

If Kevin McCarthy stays the speaker of the House, the Democrats will be in charge. He will be employed by the Democrats, Gaetz announced on Sunday. The only way Democrats can save them now, which they almost certainly will, is if they bail out Kevin McCarthy as speaker of the House at the conclusion of the upcoming week.

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