OC Ryan Grubb, 47, Leaves For Seahawks Coordinator Job

OC Ryan Grubb, 47, Leaves For Seahawks Coordinator Job

After Ryan Grubb left to join the Seattle Seahawks, Alabama football needed a new offensive coordinator. It creates a huge void on Kalen DeBoer’s first team. Projected OC contenders to take Grubb’s spot at one of college football’s top schools have already begun to emerge with the assistance of sources at Bama247.

DeBoer must first ascertain whether any staff members have left the team in addition to Grubb’s departure to the NFL to proceed appropriately. Several NFL teams looked at Ryan Grubb because he was possibly DeBoer’s most significant assistant carryover from Washington to Tuscaloosa.

The Seattle Seahawks have recruited Grubb to be the team’s new offensive coordinator, therefore he won’t be leaving the state of Washington. Bob Condotta of The Seattle Times and other reports claim that Ryan Grubb is the newest member of new coach Mike Macdonald’s staff. 

According to Condotta, the Seahawks might make the hire public this Saturday. 

The supporters of the Alabama Crimson Tide football team have had a turbulent offseason. After famous head coach Nick Saban confirmed his retirement on January 10, Kalen DeBoer was named the new head coach of the Crimson Tide in a matter of days.

Ryan Grubb, the offensive coordinator, heads one of the best coaching staffs Coach DeBoer has put together in the last month. 

Director Of Athletics, Greg Burne’s Statement On Ryan Grubb’s Leaving

Alabama was unprepared for this, though. The Crimson Tide was aware of the possibility at all times.

Greg Byrne, the director of athletics at Alabama, stated on Saturday morning that they were aware, upon hiring Coach DeBoer, that Coach Ryan Grubb might wind up as the head coach at the University of Washington or that the Seattle Seahawks might be considering him.

He continued by saying that while they were talking, Coach DeBoer was working on a solution for that.

Ryan Grubb turned down Nick Saban’s offer to be his offensive coordinator at Tuscaloosa before the 2023 season, choosing instead to remain in Seattle and lead the Huskies to a record-setting season in which they made a run at the national championship.

He’s effectively giving up on the offensive play-calling opportunity for Alabama for the second time now. Not only him, though, is the coach Alabama is predicted to lose.

In a recent interview, Indiana head coach Tom Allen mentioned that Sheridan was a quarterback coach before DeBoer took over.

Although Nick was their quarterbacks coach, Allen said that Kalen coached quarterbacks, and he wanted Kalen to coach the position he desired. Allen continued by saying that although he wanted to keep Nick on staff, Allen needed Nick to move to tight ends.

Though coaching a new position broadened his grasp of the offense, Allen added that Nick bought in and that Nick had told him it was one of the best things he had ever done. Nick had learned from Kalen.

Ryan Grubb
Multiple Reports State That Offensive Line Coach Scott Huff, Who Relocated From Washington With DeBoer And Ryan Grubb, Is Also Anticipated To Leave The Staff


As an offensive mastermind himself, DeBoer trusted Grubb to implement his plan, and the outcome was spectacular, as Washington finished each of the previous two seasons among the country’s most prolific passing attacks.

Now that Grubb is gone, DeBoer must either hire a replacement play-caller or take on the role himself.

Grubb has never coached in the NFL, but he has been a play-caller since 2019 and a coach at various levels since 2003. He served as the main creator of a dynamic Washington attack that finished second in the country in passing yards per game and advanced the Huskies to the 2023 national title game. 

Under Macdonald, who also added Aden Durde as their defensive coordinator and Jay Harbaugh to oversee special teams, Seattle now has coordinators in place.

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