Alan Wake 2 Reviews, Returns To The Darkness Of Bright Falls

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Alan Wake 2 Reviews, Returns To The Darkness Of Bright Falls

This time, following last week’s incredible reviews for Super Mario Bros. Spider-Man 2 and, Wonder, we have Alan Wake 2, which appears to be nearing the completion of yet another 90+ Metacritic score.

It is 2023 in the world of video game industry, ladies and gentlemen. There are always more critically acclaimed, high-caliber games coming out the moment you think there can’t be anymore.

Reviews for Alan Wake 2 are coming in right now; it has a 92 on OpenCritic, an 89 on Metacritic for the PS5, and a 92 on PC. Several 10/10 ratings from sites like GameSpot, GamesRadar, VGC, The Gamer, Dextero, and others are included in that.

Don’t get me wrong, Alan Wake 2 is one of the most demanding games people have ever played, yet it succeeds in reaching its high standards. Conversely, Alan Wake 2 accomplishes almost all that its creator, Remedy Entertainment, set out to do.

It’s a confidently executed game with a clear vision that feels fresh and daring. The outcome is an unparalleled follow-up that revolutionizes the video game narrative, reinvents the series, and honors a studio that has reached the pinnacle of its abilities.

13 years have passed since the release of the first Alan Wake, making it feel as though this day will never arrive. Now that it has, Polygon claims that the wait was “worth every second,” and it appears that most people would concur.

Some About Alan Wake 2 Game Play

The caseboard in Saga’s metaphysical “mind place,” which can be accessible at any time with a button press, plays a big part in making the primary serial killer puzzle and its many subplots in Alan Wake 2 so simple to follow.

To keep everything organized and your attention on the investigation, you have to physically arrange every new piece of proof, character profile, and foreboding manuscript page that you find in Bright Falls and its environs onto a branching tree of red rope and palm cards that are pinned to the wall.

People can watch a whole season of True Detective (or one of the better ones) without constantly having one eye on the TV and the other focused on an open Reddit thread on their phone. They will be grateful for this built-in means of maintaining the accuracy of the facts. 

Alan Wake 2
Video Games Sometimes Use Live-Action Poorly, But Alan Wake 2 Does A Great Job With It, Producing An Original And Unforgettable Cinematic Aesthetic


As much a Control sequel as a 2010 remake, Alan Wake 2 seamlessly incorporates lingo and well-known characters into its Twin Peaks-inspired backdrop. Even though Saga has never visited Bright Fall, the locals regard her like a close friend; everything feels strangely familiar yet foreign at the same time. You have the impression of being an unwilling actor in a hidden drama, forced to play along complacently until the end.

Importantly, though, is that its forceful push into psychological dread hasn’t yet given way to feelings of being overwhelmed or an overpowering want for it to end quickly because it’s too stressful.

Even though I’ve already completed the equivalent of a Resident Evil campaign, Alan Wake 2 feels like it’s just getting started right now, and I’ve been really enjoying how purposefully slow-paced it is. It’s still playing extremely close to the vest, and I haven’t gotten a sense of where the plot is heading.

It was so fantastic that I yearned for much more. There aren’t many situations where you have to battle opponents. Since ammo is limited and evading is dependable, engaging is not advised. When you are counting your calories, combat becomes an excellent dessert.

Although you certainly shouldn’t, you want to participate. Fortunately, the penultimate encounter is a pleasant throwback to the original game while still providing you with an abundance of foes and ammo.

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