Samantha Woll, 40, The President Of A Detroit Synagogue, Found Fatally Stabbed Outside Her House

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Samantha Woll

A prominent Detroit synagogue leader Samantha Woll was found fatally stabbed outside her residence early on Saturday morning in the city’s Lafayette Park surroundings, east of downtown.

The Isaac Agree Downtown Detroit Synagogue was run by Samantha Woll, 40, who worked before for Democratic Attorney General Dana Nessel of Michigan and Holly, New York, Representative Elissa Slotkin.

On Saturday night, Detroit Police Chief James White issued a statement regarding the homicide investigation.

He stated that everyone should be patient as detectives thoroughly review all of the evidence at hand because, naturally, this crime has left many questions unanswered. Until all of the relevant information has been examined, White continued, it is crucial that no decisions be taken.

On the scene assisting with the investigation were the FBI and Michigan State Police.

According to a spokeswoman for the FBI in Detroit, the FBI was made aware of the incident and will offer any requested assistance to the Detroit Police Department.

The synagogue expressed shock and sadness at learning of Samantha Woll’s untimely passing. May the memory of her be a blessing, the synagogue added.

According to police, her house is where the crime was committed. Samantha Woll was found dead at the scene by police after suffering multiple stab wounds to the torso, according to the authorities.

In a statement, Governor Gretchen Whitmer expressed his sympathy for her friends, family, synagogue, and all others who had the good fortune to know her. She was an inspiration of light and an inspiration in her hometown who diligently strived to improve Michigan, he continued.

Woll’s passing, according to Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan, has left an immense void in the Detroit community.

Samantha Woll was a community activist who tried to establish connections. She served as the leader of the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue and had been a former assistant to Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin and a member of Attorney General Dana Nessel’s campaign team.

Samantha Woll, 40, The President Of A Detroit Synagogue, Found Fatally Stabbed Outside Her House
On September 4, 2022, In Royal Oak, Michigan, Samantha Woll And Dana Nessel Pose For A Photo


 Nessel stated that Samantha was the most kind-hearted person he had ever met on X, previously known as Twitter, on Saturday. Nessel noted that her genuine love for her neighborhood, state, and nation served as her motivation. Sam genuinely made the world greater for everyone by combining her activism and spirituality.

In the suburbs of Detroit, funeral services were scheduled for Sunday afternoon.

Smantha Woll had been in charge of the synagogue since 2022 and was involved in other local Jewish organizations. Its rabbi released a statement lamenting Woll’s “unexpected death” and expressing shock.

As of Saturday afternoon, police were continuing to be in the limited Mies van der Rohe townhouses area where Woll was killed. As caution tape surrounded the neighboring residences, a Michigan State Police K-9 was seen sniffing in the bushes.

In a statement to the neighborhood, the Jewish Federation of Detroit stated that it had spoken with law police and that there are currently no known threats to the neighborhood. There is no information available to suggest that this was a deliberate act driven by antisemitism.

Sam Dubin of the Jewish Community Relations Council and other Jewish community leaders lament her passing.

 As difficult as today was and as shocked as they all were, according to Dubin, they were really focusing on her legacy and the better world she had created for them all in the Detroit Jewish community.

The Democrat said Woll supported her by establishing and overseeing the office across her first term.

The Democrat expressed her sorrow at losing someone who was so committed to helping others in such a pointless crime. According to the Democrat, she would be missed for her unrelenting drive to serve and her cheerful grin, which seemed to be present everywhere in the Detroit region.

Samantha Woll’s Past Life

Woll worked on or oversaw the campaigns of politicians like Nessel,  Stephanie Chang, a state senator, and Detroit City Clerk nominee Denzel McCampbell for a sizable amount of her career in state and municipal politics.

Chang regarded Woll as a friend in addition to a colleague. They originally met while both were students at the University of Michigan almost 20 years ago. The night before Samantha Woll’s death was found, they attended a wedding together and were seen beaming close to the bride and husband.

From 2019 to 2021, Woll was employed by Slotkin as a deputy district manager, a position that, according to Slotkin, “came so naturally to her” because it included aiding others.

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