Trump, 77, Speak Out His Thoughts About Black Voters

Trump, 77, Speak Out His Thoughts About Black Voters

While on the campaign trail in South Carolina on Friday, former president Donald Trump raised racial issues by drawing parallels between his legal struggles and the unfairness Black voters experience in the judicial system. He also claimed that Black voters would choose him over “Black president” Barack Obama.

Speaking to a predominantly Black voters’ crowd, Trump falsely implied that he is well-liked by African American voters. He said that his mug shot and 91 criminal indictments contributed to the situation.

Even though Donald Trump easily won the primary in South Carolina, the home state of Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, a former governor, has long implied that her rivalry with the outgoing president would come through. However, Haley believes it’s not “the end of our story.”

Haley intended to go to Michigan on Sunday, where the primary is scheduled for Tuesday, defying Republican requests in South Carolina to withdraw from the contest.

Trump’s Statement On Black Voters

After Trump claimed to have been indicted twice, once, three times, and once more, many said that the reason Black people supported him was because they had experienced such severe discrimination and hurt. Trump continued, saying that they saw him as the victim of discrimination.

In contrast to the historical injustices Black Americans have faced in the criminal justice system, Trump’s legal challenges—which include federal charges over his alleged attempts to overturn his 2020 election loss and his management of classified documents, in addition to state charges and civil lawsuits—are very different.

On Sunday, Rep. Byron Donalds (R-Fla.) defended the former president against accusations of racism, following his statement that his criminal prosecutions make Black voters more inclined to support him.

On Sunday’s episode of NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Donalds informed Kristen Welker that the point is merely “part” of the former president’s statement.

Regarding the four criminal indictments against the former president, Donalds claimed that the Department of Justice and radical district attorneys around the nation were persecuting him politically, even though there was no proof that Trump was being singled out for political purposes.

Donalds continued by saying that Black people have to deal with the legal system on their own in a similar situation.

Trump then claimed that he could not see too many individuals in the crowd because the lights were so bright in his eyes. Trump continued, saying that the extent of his progress was that he could only see Black voters and no White voters.

Trump made fun of President Barack Obama at the expense of a new Air Force One. Which president—the White President who saved $1.7 billion on the purchase price, or the Black President

Trump stated he believed they wanted the white person and the audience applauded his statement.

After winning the first-in-the-South primary on Saturday, Trump has now won all of the GOP early-season contests that award delegates. His former U.N. ambassador Haley has limited room to move after his performances.

During the Republican Party’s election night celebration in Columbia, Trump declared that he had never seen the party so united.

Black Voters
In The Contemporary Era Of Presidential Elections, Democratic Candidates Have Been Largely Preferred By Black Voters. The Roper Center Reports That Joe Biden Won 87% Of The Black Vote In 2020


Despite mounting pressure to get out of the race and allow Trump to concentrate solely on Democratic candidate Joe Biden in a rematch in 2020, Haley is adamant that she will remain in office.

In the southern state, where Black voters are a crucial constituency and more representative of the more diversified general public that will cast ballots in the presidential election on November 5, which is expected to pit Biden against Trump, Biden had earlier prevailed in the Democratic primary.

Exit polls indicated that African American voters who identify as evangelical or born-again Christians made up about 60% of the participants in Saturday’s Republican primary.

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