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DeSantis Wants Restrictions on Iranian-Owned Businesses

Ron DeSantis Wants to Restrict Iranian-Owned Businesses from Operating in Florida amid Israel Crisis

Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis presented a slew of new proposed policies on Tuesday to show his administration’s support for Israel in its fight against Hamas terrorists. DeSantis made his remarks at the Shul of Bal Harbour synagogue in Florida during a press conference. He linked Iran to the Hamas bloodshed this weekend and asked...

Biden Administration Face Criticism

Biden Administration Face Criticism after Hamas Attack on Israel

Gop in both the Senate and the House is blasting the government of Joe Biden for allowing $6 billion in Iranian assets to be unfrozen months before Hamas terrorists executed a deadly and huge strike on Israel early Saturday. The Biden administration called the allegations “false and inaccurate.” A few months ago, the Biden administration...

Israel is at War

Israel is at War, as Gaza Launch Shocking Air and Ground Attack

On Saturday, Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu revealed that the country was “at war.” In Gaza, terrorists launched a lethal volley of rockets and dispatched gunmen into Israeli territory, escalating an ongoing dispute between the two sides. Netanyahu declared in a video message, to Israelis, that we are at war – not in an operation, not...