Biden, 81, Announces Student Debt Forgiveness Plan

Student Debt Forgiveness

As part of a revised plan, after the Supreme Court rejected the first scheme, the Biden administration expanded the scope of its most recent proposal for a comprehensive student debt forgiveness program on Thursday to students meeting additional financial hardship requirements.

The extension would cover borrowers who owe more than they originally borrowed, those whose debts were due twenty or twenty-five years ago, and those whose high-cost necessities, including childcare or healthcare, require repayment.

Millions of borrowers who have college loans are forced to choose between paying off their debt and supporting their families, as inflation remains persistently high and affects the price of food and living expenses.

The loan forgiveness began months ahead of schedule, with an effective date set for July. However, a small percentage of debtors will be eligible.

About 22 million student loan borrowers have a payment due in October because student loan payments started up again last autumn. But the U.S. Department of Education estimates that 40% of them still need to make their payment by the middle of November.

The hardship category is one of the five categories in Biden’s new student debt relief plan. The plan is currently undergoing the negotiated rulemaking process, which brings together relevant parties to debate and amend the president’s recommendations before a final version is decided upon.

The government recommends that some variables be taken into account for determining hardship, including the borrower’s overall student loan balance, the required payments about their household income, and whether or not they have high-cost obligations for necessities like childcare or healthcare.

Officials’ Statements On Student Debt Forgiveness Plan

Proponents stated on Thursday that the idea as a whole might provide tens of millions of people with relief. The White House stated that it was unable to pinpoint the precise number of borrowers that the proposal may affect overall at this time.

The announcement, according to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre during a call with reporters on Thursday, is part of President Joe Biden’s resolve to continue advocating for widespread student debt forgiveness, even though conservatives on the Supreme Court killed his first comprehensive plan this summer.

According to Jean-Pierre, Biden had said that he would continue to fight for borrowers of student loans.

Undersecretary James Kvaal of the Department of Education stated in a statement that President Biden’s larger strategy to provide breathing room to as many student debt borrowers as possible included the ideas they were presenting that day.

These ideas would enable them to assist struggling borrowers who were going through difficult times in their lives.

For a while, it appeared as though Biden’s so-called Plan B for student debt forgiveness had eliminated the “financial hardship” category. After attempting to eliminate student loan debt with an executive order, Biden is now utilizing the rulemaking procedure.

There is good news for borrowers: there will be no late penalties for a whole year during the grace period. However, Betsy Mayotte, a student loan expert, cautions that missing payments could result in penalties as interest continues to accrue.

Biden, 81, Announces Student Debt Forgiveness Plan
Students Are Protesting For Student Debt Forgiveness


Mayotte stated that if the loan were to default, it would harm the borrowers’ credit, which would make it more probable that they would have to pay more for any subsequent debt they would need to take on, such as a mortgage, credit card, or auto loan.

All federal loans have an interest rate reduction for autopay, even though each person’s circumstances are unique. Furthermore, some taxpayers may be able to deduct interest of up to $2,500 per year from their taxes.

Miguel Cardona, the Education Secretary, developed a system that might be used to establish the “hardship” criteria, and it also involves an application process.

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