Kanye West, 46, New Album Release Updates And Previews

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Kanye West, 46, New Album Release Updates And Previews

Kanye West also known as ‘Ye’ enjoys having his own time. Since making his groundbreaking debut in 2004, the rapper has put out twelve albums, all of which have experienced last-minute cancellations and delays.

Ty Dolla $ign and Kanye West’s long-awaited album Vultures has been teased for most of 2023. Still, the information needs to be more consistent so it’s been difficult to tell what information is official and what is just internet rumors.

After midnight on Tuesday, Kanye West, the controversial artist, and provocateur better known by his stage name Ye, made an appearance on stage in Miami, Florida, to preview his first new album since a series of offensive and antisemitic remarks last year nearly destroyed his career in music and fashion.

The musician was dressed in a pointed black hood that looked like a Ku Klux Klan robe, matching the artwork from his song “Black Skinhead,” which dates back ten years.

Kanye West’s Miami event was attended by many artists, including Chris Brown, Freddie Gibbs, North West, Lil Durk, Offset, and Kodak Black. The YEEZY website offers a live stream of the entire event.

Longtime Hip-Hop fans will probably remember Kanye’s Black KKK mask antics from the music video for the 2013 song “Black Skinhead” off his album “Yeezus,” even though they may surprise some.

A countdown that will finish later this evening was displayed to visitors to Kanye’s official website following the event. Although the exact events that will transpire once the countdown reaches zero remain unknown, the Chicago talent has already declared that Vultures will arrive on Friday, December 15.

Kanye West and Ty Dolla had been collaborating on the above-mentioned LP during a prolonged stay in Italy this past summer, as REVOLT had previously reported. They released the album’s lead single in November, featuring a noteworthy verse by Lil Durk.

Ye praised Hitler and blasted the Devil and Jewish media during an appearance on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ InfoWars show last year.

Ye claimed that every person, including Hitler, had something valuable to contribute during their hour-long chat with the conspiracy theorist. He went on to say he saw positive aspects of Hitler.

Nick Fuentes, a white supremacist, was also present for the performance.

He lost multiple agreements with brands like Adidas, Gap, and fashion house Balenciaga as a result of the comments, which caused controversy both online and offline. Ye’s relationship with the talent agency CAA was also severed, and he was banned from X and Instagram.

Ye will be releasing this project for the first time after receiving backlash for his remarks in 2022.

Even so, the most devoted Ye supporters started to fill the theater as soon as the doors opened at 10 p.m., and they did so until the Chicago rapper took the stage at almost 2 a.m. To the sounds of Kodak Black, Playboi Carti, and XXXTentacion, the mosh pits moved.

Additionally, Ye had to connect his phone to the speaker to play the album because events that are announced less than 12 hours in advance are always fraught with complications.

Kanye West (Ye) Shocked His Fans

Kanye West surprised fans with an early look at his forthcoming album from outside a Wynwood restaurant on Sunday night, following his surprise appearance at Art Basel.

At the classy Caribbean eatery Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen, which occasionally hosts live music, the rapper stunned patrons.

Shortly after sharing the 17-track list on Instagram, the rapper and Ty Dolla $ign began to perform teasers from their upcoming album.

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