Kayla Nicole, Travis Kelce’s Ex-girlfriend, Talks Of “Embarrassment” Amid Taylor Swift Romance

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Kayla Nicole

Kayla Nicole, Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend, has broken her silence in the midst of the NFL player’s burgeoning romance with Taylor Swift.

On Monday, October 9, the sportscaster turned to Instagram with a stunning open letter addressed to a “Black girl.” Though Kayla, 31, never mentioned Travis, 34, or Taylor, 33, or her prior affair with the Kansas City Chiefs player, she did discuss what it’s like to face “backlash” as a Black woman.

Nicole has encountered herself in an uncomfortable situation in recent weeks. She doesn’t have to be doing anything for people to notice her; the entire world is watching to see how she reacts to her ex dating someone else, particularly since that someone else is the world’s greatest pop singer.

Kayla Nicole, for example, recently stated that the gym is her “therapy,” and social media people believe she is making passive-aggressive remarks about Swift and Kelce. Kayla Nicole’s decision to unfollow Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany Mahomes, to whom she has previously been close, did not go unnoticed. Brittany was photographed out at supper with Swift the same day. 

While reading the long statement in an Instagram video on Monday, the 31-year-old lashed back at the “backlash and embarrassment” she has received.

She spoke to “Black women in particular,” adding that her goal was “not to create division, but to inspire and unite” listeners.

Kayla Nicole began by saying that they may label you as an enemy for falling in love with Kelce on and off from 2017 until 2022. They will expect those who are closest to them to defend them, but they will rapidly find that people do not safeguard what they do not value.

Nicole’s followers remarked that Swifties – Swift’s admirers – were allegedly putting the women against each other, writing “immature and unnecessary comments” featuring Taylor Swift GIFs beneath her Instagram pictures since news of Kelce’s apparent connection with the “Anti-Hero” singer broke.

Now, the fitness celebrity has issued a statement in reaction to the “backlash and embarrassment” expressed in an almost four-minute video aimed at Black women.

They’ll tell you that you’re too much, too alarming too raucous, too loud, and in the same respiration, they’ll tell you that you’re not enough, not effective enough, not good enough, and probably not even clever enough, according to Kayla. They’ll convince them that they deserve the scorn and humiliation because they’re black. You should have known better. They’ll even try to connect their value to their net worth.

Kayla continued by telling “Black girl” that “value lies within your heart” and “the way you love.” She also warned her audience not to “engage” with those who seek to minimize their value.

Kayla Nicole said that while she, too, wonders ‘why she?’ she is reminded that this isn’t just about her…Her honesty, trauma, and vulnerability are all relatable aspects of the human condition. She went on to say that she knows she is not alone, and she wants them to know that they are not either.

She reminded her audience of resources such as counseling, prayer, and society to help them get through it.

In the comments, the on-air host’s fans complimented her for the “beautiful, empowering, bold, and authentic” message.

One person expressed his admiration for her elegance, grace, and power. What a source of inspiration.

Kayla Nicole, Travis Kelce's Ex-girlfriend, Talks Of "Embarrassment" Amid Taylor Swift Romance
  Kayla Nicole Posted Her Social Media Post Two Weeks After Taylor Swift Attended The Chiefs vs. Bears Game On September 24


Nicole’s social media post came two weeks after Kelce, 34, and Swift, 33, declared their love affair public by entering the Chicago Bears vs. Kansas City Chiefs game jointly on Sept. 24.

Jackson Mahomes Supports Kayla Nicole

Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, is being supported by Patrick Mahomes‘ younger brother.

Jackson Mahomes responded to a frank open letter Kayla sent on her Instagram page on Monday, in which she addressed “backlash and embarrassment” around Kelce’s growing romance with Taylor Swift.

In the comments area of Kayla’s article, Jackson added three black heart emojis.

Jackson and Kayla became friends as she dated the Chiefs tight end, 34, on and off between 2017 and 2022.

The two starred in several TikTok videos together, including one in which they performed moves in 2021 at Yankees Stadium and lip-syncing to a song in 2020.

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