Danny Masterson Sentenced To 30 Years Imprisonment For Two Rapes

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Danny Masterson with his wife Bijou Phillips

United States actor Danny Masterson was punished for living his 30 years of life in lockup for raping two women. In the 1970s show, Masterson worked as an actor, and a television series was broadcast during his offenses in the early 2000s.

Prosecutors asserted (to defend Danny) Masterson at 47 depended on his position as an eminent Scientologist to avoid answerability.

The magistrate, Charlaine Olmedo, permitted the victims of Masterson’s crimes to read the influential statements in court before handing out his sentence.

On Thursday’s appearance in court, the actress Leah Remini and illustrious previous Scientologis were present in the court, and they consoled the victims (women) before and after they presented their statements.

One of the victims said that she had wished she told the police about Masterson’s feat earlier– American media. Reuters claims the other woman from the victims said she forgave him; his illness was no longer her to hold up.

Masterson stayed silent all over the court appearance. When Judge Olmedo sentenced Masterson’s punishment for the crime (the maximum punishment permitted), Masterson’s wife, Bijou Phillips, was seen in the court with tears.

In May, Masterson was found culpable in a retrial after the 1st jury failed to hold a verdict in 2022. After his punishment, Masterson was considered at risk of further offending and imprisoned.

The actor Masterson was indicted after 3 women witnessed that Danny Masterson had sexually abused them at his home in Hollywood amid the peak of his TV reputation– from 2001-03. “Masterson had given us drugs before he attacked us,” the jury heeded on women’s testimony.

Danny Masterson Sentenced To 30 Years Imprisonment For Two Rapes
Actor Danny Masterson is Facing Court Appearance During Rape Case

Masterson was found guilty of sexual assault against two of his three blamers. The allegations attached by the third accuser were denied. “We do not arrange to retry the case,” a judicial and the prosecutors said.

A lawyer, Alison Anderson, representing two victims, said in a statement on BBC News that the women showed enormous power and courage by coming in front of the prosecution and partaking straight in 2 painful criminal cases.

The lawyer Anderson also said that even with constant pressure, interference, and threat, these fearless women helped to catch a merciless sexual animal answerable today.

Scientology’s Reports about Masterson Case

Amid the trial, prosecutors asserted that the Church of Scientology had assisted in protecting the attacked- a blame the corporation has ultimately denied.

Masterson and all of his three blamers were Scientologists at the time of the assaults. Some women said It took many years for them to come forward due to Church of Scientology officials disheartening them from telling the rape police.

Scientology experts said to one leftover person that she would drop her society membership if she autographed a non-disclosure contract and got a compensation of four lakh dollars (three lakhs and twenty thousand pounds), prosecutors proclaim.

Judge Charlaine Olmedo permitted both sides to argue the methods and principles of Scientology amid the trial, annoying the organization.

“There is not a spark of proof showing the nefarious blames that the Church disturbed the blamers,” the Church of Scientology said in its report after the judgment in May.

On Thursday in court, one woman, who is still a practicing Scientologist, said her mother disregarded her. She said that she texted her and informed her to never reach her again, LA Times conveyed.

She had alerted her before the time she liked to see Danny Masterson for what Masterson had done with me, but not at the cost of her theology.


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