Biden’s Speech About Foreign Policy’s Justification

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Biden’s Speech About Foreign Policy’s Justification

As he faced the country from the Oval Office, President Biden had an assignment: justify the $100 billion that a country weary of its own foreign policy entanglements and political divisions should be sending to other countries to fight their conflicts.

According to his reaction, which was made at his primetime speech on Thursday, Israel and Ukraine were engaged in vital struggles, and their wars were not only their own but also vital to every American’s security.

The primary point to be discovered from what was only Biden’s second speech in the Oval Office was this: although the appearance was scheduled to talk about two countries battling for their lives against foreign invasion, Biden’s true subject was America, as it faced threats to its core values in a politically unstable time

Biden’s Begged for His Nation:

He begged his nation to reject the appeasement of terrorists and despots and to uphold the worldwide position that has solidified a stable international order since World War II. And as heated politics flared at home, he sought to urge America to reject racism in statements that hinted at a reelection run that would help determine the character of the nation as well as its standing in the world for years to come. 

Hours after his return from meeting with victims of the Hamas terror assaults that claimed the lives of over 1,400 citizens in Israel and months after his audacious visit to another conflict zone in Ukraine, Biden made his address. The first indications of an expected Israeli incursion into Gaza started to appear even as he was chatting, indicating that the situation he was trying to contain with his trip on Wednesday was about to get much worse.

To highlight his focus on the average person, Biden used the speech to point out millionaires who pay lower taxes than the middle class and airlines that handle their customers like “suckers.”

Biden’s Speech About Foreign Policy’s Justification
The primary Point to be Discovered From What was only Biden’s Second Speech in the Oval Office

It was more challenging for the Republican’s Attorney, who is in favor of blue-collar people, as he stated again and again. 

“No billionaire ought to pay a lower tax rate than an educator or firefighter,” Biden stated during one of his speech’s most appreciated lines.  

The president brought back a minimum tax proposal from the previous year to ensure that billionaires pay the same tax rate as many middle-class people. Families with assets of at least $100 million would be subject to a 20% tax on profits and remaining capital gains, according to Biden’s proposal. The administration estimated that it would make $360 billion over a ten-year period. Logically, that may help finance certain objectives and even reduce the deficit. 

By identifying the threat and outlining a course of action that is compatible with American leadership, principles, and its standing as the world’s “indispensable nation,” Biden attempted to make sense of the confusing and terrifying events that are occurring abroad. 

Because of the messages he delivered to American allies and enemies abroad and the way he outlined his vision for his own strongly divided country, his address is likely to be regarded by historians as a pivotal point in his presidency.   

He wants that Congress authorize $100 billion to support Israel and Ukraine in fighting themselves, which is now unfeasible given that the thin GOP majority is in disarray and that one half of the legislative branch is essentially paralyzed without a House speaker. 

For mostly religious reasons, Trump Republicans do not regret rising up for Israel, but they would abandon Ukraine in the face of one of those despots.

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