Harry Dunn, 40, The Former Capitol Police Officer Is Running For Congress

Home Politics Harry Dunn, 40, The Former Capitol Police Officer Is Running For Congress
Harry Dunn, 40, The Former Capitol Police Officer Is Running For Congress

Former US Capitol Police officer Harry Dunn, who dispersed protestors on January 6, 2021, and provided testimony on the incident to a House select committee on the same day, revealed on Friday that he would be running for Congress.

Dunn declared his Democratic primary campaign for Maryland’s third Congressional district the day before the third anniversary of January 6, promising to thwart former President Donald Trump’s Make America Great Again initiative if elected.

In advance of the 2024 election, Harry Dunn offered a grave warning on Friday regarding the state of democracy. In his tearful remarks, Dunn recounted that he had been the target of racial taunts from rioters.

In an interview that aired on MSNBC’s The ReidOut on Friday, Dunn stated that he did not believe the assertion that democracy as we know it was on the verge of extinction was overstated.

Only a small number of police officers, like Dunn, have opened up about the brutality he and other law enforcement personnel encountered that day and the deep and long-lasting effects it had on them.

In a statement, Dunn said that he witnessed democracy being attacked personally on January 6.

Harry Dunn, a 15-year veteran of the police, remained an officer with the Capitol Police until he resigned a few weeks ago, despite the trauma. He claims that the possibility of former President Donald Trump being reelected is one of the reasons he is running.

Black voter Dunn testified before Congress in 2021 about being racially abused by rioters when he told them he had voted for Biden and that his vote ought to be counted. Dunn claimed that throughout his more than twelve years on the force, he was never subjected to a racial slur by a group of Capitol squatters.

According to Dunn, some of the same lawmakers who had supported them throughout their defense had returned to the House floor to back Trump.

He went on to say that these individuals voted to exonerate Trump and, worse yet, they rejected the trauma and violence that killed some of Dunn’s fellow law enforcement officers.

What Happened With Harry Dunn On January 6, 2021?

He was present when the attack on the Capitol occurred on January 6. He confronted Trump supporters close to former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office and guarded a stairwell where injured police were gathered.

Since then, he has developed into a vocal witness and critic of the events of that day. He stated in 2021 in front of the House Jan. 6 Committee that a hitman was used to attack on Jan. 6. He went on to say that he wanted you to investigate that further.

Harry Dunn
Harry Dunn Expressed In A Letter That The Imminence Of The Impending Election Lies In His Desire To Never Have To Revisit the Horrors Of January 6


In addition to testifying at the trials of the rioters who carried out the attack, including the Oath Keepers, Dunn has frequently told tales of his experiences on that day, claiming that in addition to being physically beaten, Black officers like him were also subjected to verbal abuse and derogatory remarks.

Harry Dunn cried out that three years prior, in that very edifice that had so impressed him, he had spent what seemed like endless hours in a profane mixture of blood, broken limbs, spit, sweat, cries, shrieks, wrath, death, terror, hatred, horror, racism, and prejudice.

Harry Dunn provided additional context for the events of that day and stated that he was very shaken by the turmoil and violence that broke out on the grounds of the Capitol, which he had sworn to guard.

While he and his brave fellow officers’ wounds from that terrible attack were still healing, he said, his dedication to making sure their democracy remains strong has only become stronger.

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