Sixers Trade James Harden to Clippers for Draft Picks and Four Players

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Sixers Trade James Harden to Clippers for Draft Picks and Four Players

The James Harden trade request saga finally came to an end in the early hours of Tuesday morning. NBC Sports Philadelphia has confirmed that the Sixers have reached an agreement to trade James Harden, along with PJ Tucker and Filip Petrušić, to the Los Angeles Clippers. Robert Covington, Nicolas Batum, Marcus Morris Sr. KJ Martin, and draft compensation, including an unprotected first-round pick in 2028 will all be received by the Sixers in return.

According to Wojnarowski, in order to finalize the transaction, the organization will waive Danny Green and clear a position on the roster.

As a result of a significant transaction that took him to the Timberwolves in return for Jimmy Butler five years ago, Covington has a history with the Sixers. Well-known for his defensive prowess and adaptability, Covington has played with the Sixers for five seasons and was named to the NBA’s All-Defensive First Team in 2017–18.

The James Harden Trade Request Saga Finally Came to an End in The Early Hours of Tuesday Morning
NBC Sports Philadelphia has Confirmed that the Sixers have Reached an Agreement to Trade James Harden

The 34-year-old Philadelphia native, Morris, imparts his seasoned knowledge to the group. Twenty-two-year-old Martin is well known for his amazing dunks and quickness. The addition of variety to the roster is provided by French national team captain Batum.

After being dealt from Brooklyn to Philadelphia in February 2022, James Harden spent the whole 2022–2023 NBA season with the Sixers, appearing in 79 games. In the team’s second-round playoff series against the Boston Celtics last year, he had many noteworthy performances, including a 45-point game in Game 1 and a 42-point game in Game 4. In addition to supporting MVP Joel Embiid’s brilliance, James Harden topped the league in assists per game and provided Tyrese Maxey, his backcourt partner, with game-changing advice. With a 54-28 season record at the end, the Sixers had their best record since the 2000–01 campaign. The Sixers ax Doc Rivers and hire Nick Nurse as head coach.

The Sixers decided to remove Doc Rivers as head coach and replace him with Nick Nurse after a dismal Game 7 loss in Boston. James Harden made a trade request and exercised his $35.6 million player option shortly after.

James Harden Got Fined:

James Harden and Daryl Morey, the Sixers’ president of basketball operations, had a tense and heated relationship. Harden fined $100,000 to the NBA for breaking trade demand regulations in August after calling Morey a liar in public at a Chinese event.

The Sixers’ media day and Nurse’s first training camp workout were both missed by James Harden. On the second day, though, he joined the team again. Morey was not in a hurry to deal him away.

We’ll move James Harden for a player who can greatly contribute to our championship dreams, or for draft picks and other assets that will allow us to acquire such a player in the near future, Morey said during his media day remarks. We shall carry on with the procedure up until then.

Former colleagues of Harden’s from the Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder, Russell Westbrook, got back together in the locker room before the game. Playfully joking that Harden should stay on the opposite side of the locker room where his new locker was Westbrook made light of the situation. It took James Harden and Tucker more than an hour to catch up with Paul George and Westbrook prior to their Magic game.

James Harden said, this is definitely a difficult time expressing his unhappiness with the circumstances. It’s about having faith in the folks I’ve known for more than ten years, for me. My plan was to become a Sixer and retire after I was traded here. I was hoping to stay here for the long run, but sadly, the front office had other ideas. I have no control over it. I recognize that this is a company, and I will keep doing my work in a professional manner.

James Harden rejoined the Sixers following a brief hiatus owing to personal issues, but he did not travel with the club on their initial road trip of the season. From the sidelines, he observed their triumph over the Portland Trail Blazers, and Nurse said that Harden was still ramping up and would take part in practice on Tuesday.

It was eventually revealed, though, that Harden would not be attending that practice. Instead, Tyrese Maxey, an up-and-coming player who recently won the NBA’s Eastern Conference Player of the Week award for his exceptional efforts in the team’s 2-1 start to the season, and Joel Embiid will lead the Sixers into a new era.

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