Lewis Hamilton Decided To Move From Mercedes To Ferrari in 2025

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton, the British Formula One driver, is planning to join Ferrari in 2025 after leaving Mercedes, according to many news sources. This might be one of the biggest transfers in the sport in almost a decade.

Hamilton will partner with Charles Leclerc, a driver from Monaco who recently inked a contract renewal with the Maranello-based team, according to Sky News.

Because his contract with Ferrari is slated to expire at the end of the 2024 season, this would leave Carlos Sainz Jr., Ferrari’s second driver, without a seat for 2025.

Though it’s unclear if a formal contract has been inked, Motorsport.com is aware that talks are progressing and could be finished by this coming weekend.

Ferrari has been pursuing Lewis Hamilton for a long time, but the seven-time champion has previously turned down Ferrari’s advances because he believed Mercedes was providing a better path to victory.

Ferrari, which is frequently seen as having the strongest pull and has participated in every Formula One season, has not won the driver’s title since Kimi Raikkonen did so in 2007.

With seven titles, Hamilton is currently tied with Ferrari great Michael Schumacher and has the opportunity to break the Ferrari drought and become the most decorated winner in Formula One history.

Following his new contract signing, Hamilton expressed his belief that Mercedes could return to the forefront and his “unfinished business” at the club.

From 2014 to 20, Lewis Hamilton won six championships with Mercedes in seven years. However, on the penultimate lap of the race, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen defeated Hamilton to win the championship in 2021. He is still stuck on a record 103 victories and has not won a race since 2021.

Although Lewis Hamilton has stated in the past that he plans to remain with Mercedes for the rest of his life, there has been a great deal of discussion in recent years about the possibility of him joining Ferrari.

Things To Be Await About Lewis Hamilton

Given that Lewis Hamilton will turn 40 at the beginning of the 2025 season, the Ferrari driver’s seat will probably be his last opportunity to surpass the seven world titles held by Ferrari legend Michael Schumacher. But it’s unclear how Ferrari will handle having Hamilton and Leclerc, their best driver right now, on the same squad.

George Russell, Hamilton’s younger colleague, has been pushing Hamilton to stay the de facto head driver at Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton Decided To Move From Mercedes To Ferrari in 2025
Charles Leclerc, Ferrari SF-23, And Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes F1 W14


Hamilton has won the most Formula 1 Grands Prix of any driver in the history of the sport with a total of 103. With 91 victories, Michael Schumacher stands in second position.

If Hamilton’s departure is confirmed, Mercedes will suffer a severe setback given they negotiated a protracted contract with him last year to retain his services for this season.

Speaking shortly after the agreement was finalized, Hamilton made a point of saying he thought Mercedes had learned from its difficult 2022–2023 seasons and would have an opportunity to win it all again with its brand-new vehicle for this season.

At the time, Toto Wolff, the principal of the Mercedes team, called the team’s relationship with Hamilton one of the most fruitful in the history of the sport, noting that it was “always a formality” that they would carry on with the biggest star in Formula One.

While Ferrari and Mercedes have fought it out for the 2nd spot in the constructors championship in both of the last two years, with Ferrari coming out on top in 2022 and Mercedes in 2023, Red Bull has dominated the competition in those two years.

Last year, there were whispers that Hamilton was considering a move to Ferrari, but he refuted such reports during the Monaco Grand Prix.

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