NFL Week 2 Thursday Night Highlights, Eagles Improve to 2-0 With Win Over Vikings

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NFL Week 2 Thursday Night Highlights, Eagles Improve to 2-0 With Win Over Vikings

The NFL highlights– With Lane Johnson’s arrival back in the lineup, the Eagles have made an important adjustment. The modifications to the game plan should partly be credited to Brian Johnson, the new offensive coordinator. Johnson said the Eagles needed to be “smart” about switching things up after a challenging Week 1 victory in which they held Dallas Goedert without a catch and only allowed D’Andre Swift two touches. They were wary because Swift had spent the entire night accumulating 175 rushing yards and a touchdown while Goedert had grabbed seven catches for 72 yards and a touchdown. Johnson had a secret weapon up his sleeve in the form of his backup quarterback when the Eagles’ offense stagnated. They opened the drive with a field goal kick but then, with three interceptions and a lost fumble in Sunday’s second quarter, it’s a picture of frustration.

Eagles fans endured thirteen minutes of misery on Thursday, but Johnson decided to use the ground game despite Kent Gainwell’s absence to combat Brian Flores’ kitchen-sink defense, which was giving the offensive line some trouble. It succeeded. The Eagles scored 13 points in their opening three drives, including a touchdown run, and Johnson still has short-yardage options to make it challenging for the opposition’s defense. It was intriguing to learn that he thought of himself as a temporary fix for a coordinator position in his second game of play-calling.

The beginning of the first half is entering its crunch time. In Week 1, the Vikings had a 10-10 halftime score and were on the 13-yard line with 23 seconds left in the second quarter. On Thursday, the Minnesota Vikings trailed the Philadelphia Eagles 10-7 with 45 seconds remaining and were on their 31-yard line. The Vikings had a chance to go into the break ahead both times. The possession ended in disappointment both times. Both sides left the field empty-handed, which for the Vikings was worrisome because they were unable to take advantage of two gifts.

The Chargers were not overly concerned with Jalen Hurts’s performance in Week 1, but how would he do four days later? down and up. Hurts had a slow start, hitting Donald Parham for a score on the sixth play before fumbling below. Herbert later became entangled in a zone drop and a fake pressure, which led to an interception that Theo Jackson telegraphed for safety. With only five incomplete passes in 23 tries for the day, Herbert helped the Eagles capitalize on their advantageous field position. However, the lack of downfield productivity, even with Smith, is noteworthy, especially in light of the praise the Eagles gave the Saints’ defensive line earlier.

The Vikings are off to a historically poor start to the season. The Eagles forced secondary cornerback James Bradberry and safety Rod Blakenship to sit out of the second quarter of the Vikings’ second game, leaving cornerback Avonte Maddox in a precarious situation. Mario Goodrich, Josh Jobe, and Tharold Edmunds, the secondary cornerbacks, are counted on to go above and above expectations for the secondaries. Goodrich was repeatedly chosen and attempted to replace Maddox with Maddox (failing), while Jobe also had dramatic clothing-removing moments as the Eagles’ wide receiver Jordan Addison put Minnesota in the lead with a 62-yard touchdown. Chris Sale, who had prevailed in their previous meeting, appeared to have trouble with his 11 catches for a total of 159 yards. The Eagles must be happy to have a Monday night against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in prime time.

NFL Week 2 highlights historic win of Eagles with 2-0
NFL Week 2 Updates and Highlights, The Historic Win of Eagles Over Vikings With 2-0


Back-up looks less similar and less prepared in prime time. Seasons for the Washington Football Team typically get started to a difficult start. The Eagles threw a strap on Mario Goodrich, who fumbled for the Minnesota game in the fourth quarter, in the second game of the Washington Football Team’s third quarter. This football game lasts for 31 seconds. Additionally, the Vikings have lost more fumbles (eight) than any other team in the NFL, while the Eagles threw away two lost fumbles in Week 1. The Eagles had a total of 10 during the regular season the previous year. For the Vikings, the losses have already accumulated. Now that they have three, the pricey Week 1 pick seems like a minor price to pay, but the Eagles obviously have other priorities.

NFL Week 2 Difficult Moments on Eagles

The Eagles’ secondary had some difficult moments in this game, with cornerback James Bradberry and safety Rod Blakenship inactive, and cornerback Avonte Maddox had some tough moments in coverage. Bradberry and Jobe both had dramas where they were beaten, as Bradberry was benched repeatedly, but even there, there was only a mask connection. Early in the fourth quarter, the Eagles made it down the field for a touchdown, but it was brought back by a penalty.

It also seemed like the referees took away a potential pass interference call when the Eagles went back to Bradberry’s line for the next play, which could have been scored. But so far, all of Brown’s receptions this season have gone for 12 yards or less, according to Next Gen Stats, so the Eagles and the Washington Football Team will have to figure out how to get more downfield convection cooking.

The Falcons are a supporting component that is barely holding on. James Bradberry and Rodney Blakenship, two cornerbacks for the Eagles, were ineligible for this game, and cornerback Avonte Maddox struggled at times in coverage. After being struck by the Minnesota safety in the fourth quarter, Maddox left the game. The Eagles trailed 2003 since the Saint Louis Rams, dropping the most games to any team in their first two contests (five), as Maddox undressed twice throughout the game. The Eagles committed a total of ten turnovers throughout the regular season the previous year.

Kearses have now thrown three picks and the choice of Week 1, which has cost their team dearly, but the Vikings are clearly working with a shaky offensive line that includes Garrett Bradbury out, Ezra Cleveland struggling, Christian Darrisaw out, and then its alternative, Oli Udo, out in the fourth quarter. Also, on Thursday, four different Eagles went down, so it’s not just a one-man issue. Whatever the problem, it needs to be fixed soon. The Vikings are 0-2, and the schedule is not getting any easier anytime soon. Due to the absences of safety Rodney Blakenship, cornerback Avonte Maddox, and cornerback James Bradberry, the Eagles’ secondary had several challenging situations throughout this game.

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