Saints Wide Receiver Michael Thomas, 30, Arrested Allegedly On Battery Charges

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Saints Wide Receiver Michael Thomas, 30, Arrested Allegedly On Battery Charges

According to Kenner, Louisiana police, Michael Thomas was taken into custody at approximately 7:00 p.m. on Friday on misdemeanor counts of simple violence and criminal mischief, as reported by ESPN.

This is because, according to WDSU in New Orleans, the wide receiver for the Saints got into a fight with a contractor in his neighborhood, which resulted in his being taken away by police. The Saints affirmed that they were mindful of the circumstances and were obtaining additional data. 

Michael Thomas was taken into custody, released without further incident, and is anticipated to participate in Sunday’s Saints road game against the Minnesota Vikings.

WDSU in New Orleans reports that Thomas had before threatened to shoot the contractor with “a brick or a bullet” if the contractor kept parking in front of his house. Police were called after Thomas allegedly shoved the contractor over with two bricks he had thrown at his truck at around 5:30 p.m. on Friday.

Following a complaint to the local NBC affiliate WDSU about a significant police presence in Thomas’s area, witnesses observed Michael Thomas being carried away by police in Kenner.

The accused victim claims that Michael Thomas had been threatening them for weeks before to the fight, threatening to put a brick or a bullet in the car if they did not relocate. According to the accused victim, once he began recording, Thomas tossed his phone and a brick at his car, according to WDSU.

Luis Cifuentes, the purported victim, stated in a WDSU interview that he had been experiencing problems with the wide receiver for about two weeks while he was constructing a house in Kenner, a suburb of New Orleans. It is said that when the construction workers parked across from Thomas’s house, he got angry and threatened them.

Michael  Thomas, the victim, also voiced his discontent in the statement that the man had begun photographing him during the incident and had thrown a brick at his windshield, which may or may not have caused damage. The man continued by alleging that Thomas had physically assaulted him, taken his phone, and informed him that he didn’t want to be captured on tape.

According to Cifuentes, when Thomas drove up and saw him get out, he was worried about his job site and didn’t know what he was doing. Then, Thomas approached a large pile of sand, picked up a brick, and threw it at Cifuentes’s car. Michael Thomas was doing something, you know? He continued, saying that after grabbing his phone and beginning to record Thomas, he also grabbed and shoved Cifuentes.

Michael Thomas
Cifuentes Reported That On Friday, Michael Thomas Approached The Construction Site, Picked Up Two Bricks, And Hurled Them Towards His Truck


As a fan of Thomas’s, Cifuentes claimed to be taken aback by the way Thomas behaved.

This is not the first time a player from the team has been involved in an incident in Kenner. The Saints star Chris Olave was arrested for speeding at 70 mph in a 30 mph zone, and the police officer’s body camera footage was posted to his YouTube website.

The Saints are scheduled to depart for Minnesota on Saturday in advance of their Sunday noon game at U.S. Bank Stadium against the Vikings.

Michael Thomas’s Recent Activities

Despite missing three years of play due to injuries, Thomas has participated in all 9 games this season. In terms of catches (38) as well as receiving yards (439), he is third on the Saints. There’s been no word on whether Thomas won’t be able to play against Minnesota on Sunday due to the incident.

Thomas has accumulated four seasons with 1,000 yards or more, three trips to the Pro Bowl, and two selections to the All-Pro team since being picked in 2016.

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