A Very Surprising Moment in a UFC Middleweight: A Great Upset Done by Sean Strickland

Home Sports A Very Surprising Moment in a UFC Middleweight: A Great Upset Done by Sean Strickland
A Great Upset Done by Sean Strickland

Before the fight, Sean Strickland, 32 years old and an American player, caused a commotion with his statements in an interview. Everyone is surprised by his comments. But Sean Strickland gave an unbelievable performance and won the fight after just 5 rounds. He made history and won the big title of UFC middleweight champion. 

In a surprising moment of UFC Middleweight Champion, American fighter Sean Strickland, shocked everyone by achieving the victory of the big title. He surprised everyone by beating Israel Adesanya, who is from New Zealand but was born in Nigeria. 

This happened at UFC 293, a big event of fighting. It was the 1st time the UFC came to Australia’s biggest city after a six-year hiatus. Sen Strickland secured the title of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), and he deserved it due to his outstanding performance throughout the match. 

 Sean Strickland, who is 32 years old, has a record of five losses and 28 wins. During a press conference before a match, he gave rude and disrespectful statements about women. However, Sean Strickland gave an outstanding performance and secured the title after 5 rounds. All three judges decided in his favor with a score of 49-46, and he became the winner of UFC Middleweight. 

 After winning the title of UFC Middleweight, Sean Strickland, 32 years old, gets emotional and gave a statement just after a fight he said, “Am I dreaming? Am I going to wake up? Someone hit me. I do not cry much, but I am trying to keep it together right now,” 

 Moreover, he said,” I give up so many brain cells to the MMA gods. I thought I would be walking away a little bloody, a little broken up. I am a mini shocked that did not happen.” 

A Very Surprising Moment in a UFC Middleweight
Sean Strickland gave an unbelievable performance and won the fight.


With a great round of applause from the audience at Qudos Bank Arena, Israel Adesanya with a record of three losses and twenty-four wins, was the favorite candidate to defeat his opponent. This American player gave controversial statements before the match and secured the title. Adesanya had previously got victory by beating Alex Pereira in April at UFC 281. He is in exceptionally good form and has immense potential to maintain his victory. 

Performance of Strickland In UFC Middleweight:

 However, Sean Strickland, 32 years old, played with a counterattack strategy that proved highly beneficial for him. Strickland continuously attacked his opponent and landed powerful punches throughout the fight, while Adesanya looked confused to find a way to damage Strickland. Adesanya seemed under pressure and was confused about how he would come back with attacking punches. 

 At the start of the fight, both players were played carefully, With Israel Adesanya trying to understand the opponent’s strategy. However, Strickland started the battle in an attacking mood and landed his powerful punch. Due to this powerful punch, Adesanya was knocked out.  

Sean Strickland got momentum and decided to continue with the attacking strategy. He landed a series of powerful punches against the opponent and secured the first round. 

 Sean Strickland gave a brilliant performance throughout the fight in the finals of UFC. He continuously attacked with his punches on the opponent. Adesanya looked more nervous, and he did not know how he came back in the fight and how he stopped Sean Strickland. 

 Strickland got gripped on the entire match and decided to go with an attacking mood throughout the fight of UFC. He looked more confident with the passage of time. 

 Israel Adesanya became more defensive against his opponent’s attacks in the later and final rounds. Strickland analyzed the situation and decided to attack his opponent. In the last moments of the fight, he started rapid punches and kicks. As a result, he claimed the victory and secured the big title of UFC Middleweight championship.

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