Apple Launches It’s Apple Vision Pro On Friday 2 Feb

Apple Launches It's Apple Vision Pro On Friday 2 Feb

Since today is the official launch day of Apple Vision Pro, consumers will begin receiving their headsets today. Having gotten the opportunity to test out Apple Vision Pro, I can only assume that anyone purchasing one today won’t be able to get much work done because it’s simply so much fun to play with. 

But eventually, if you want to utilize your Vision Pro for work-related tasks, you’ll need a lot of the same Mac software that you most likely already use. The good news is that 600 new apps have been developed for Apple Vision Pro, according to a Thursday announcement from Apple.

The nation’s Apple Stores began selling the mixed reality headgear, allowing some excited customers to be among the first to purchase what looks to be one of the most cutting-edge electronic items in years.

What Is Apple Vision Pro?

The headset combines virtual and augmented reality and was initially introduced in June at the Worldwide Developer Conference.

The device’s interface can be operated by users with their hands, eyes, or voices.

Apple aired an ad in January that shows a user putting on the Vision Pro and seeing a variety of apps overlay her surroundings to give viewers an idea of what it may look like to wear one.

CEO Tim Cook greeted eager customers at Apple’s New York City Flagship Store on Friday morning, shaking hands and posing for photographs while staff applauded. Before the 8 a.m. debut, about 200 people, including international clients, had lined up.

With a range of three-dimensional, enhanced data visualizations, including a virtual strike zone and top view of the field that are linked with game action and enhance the traditional broadcast, users of the MLB app on Apple Vision Pro can immerse themselves in an immersive viewing experience while watching a game.

The crucial aspect here is that the app lets consumers personalize their viewing experience. MLB SVP/Gaming and VR Jamie Leece, who directed the app’s development, stated that the fans should be allowed to choose how they wanted to watch it and be provided with the resources to delve further if they so choose.

Interested companies are already in line: Disney revealed on January 16 that the Apple Vision Pro will come with Disney Plus.

With this, users of the Vision Pro will be able to watch 3D films at launch, such as Avatar: The Way of Water and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, in addition to hyper-realistic Disney environments that let you watch films and TV shows in locations like Tatooine from Star Wars and the Avengers Tower from Marvel.

But not every app you could be hoping for will be available on Day 1 of the Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro
On February 02, 2024, In New York City, A Demonstration Of The Apple Vision Pro Headset Is Given To Customers At The Apple Shop On Fifth Avenue


During the company’s earnings call on Thursday, Cook mentioned Walmart, Nike, Vanguard, Stryker, Bloomberg, and SAP as examples of organizations that “have started leveraging and investing” in Vision Pro as a platform for employees and customers.

Cook also stated that the headset is being adopted as an enterprise product.

However, Cook stated on Thursday that, given the device’s “ton of use cases,” he thinks Apple can continue to be “both” a customer- and enterprise-focused business moving forward.

According to Susan Prescott, vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations at Apple, the variety of spatial experiences developed for this innovative new platform is inspiring the global developer community. It is helping them unleash their creative potential.

However, its $3,500 price tag may first deter many. Analysts estimate Apple’s gadget sales this year will be limited to one million or less.

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