Jurassic Park Survival Latest News, Trailer Gives A Look Of 1993

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Jurassic Park Survival Latest News, Trailer Gives A Look Of 1993

Greetings from Jurassic Park Survival! I enjoy admiring the notorious island from a great distance, where dinosaurs roam free on Earth and murder humans. I wouldn’t want to go on that kind of survival adventure, at least not in real life, after watching all of the movies.

However, Isla Nublar is a place that’s perfect for exploration and skill testing within the game environment. With Jurassic Park Survival, a game with a delightfully ironic title and an intense trailer to match, you can accomplish precisely that.

At The Game Awards 2023, Saber Interactive debuted a brand-new Jurassic Park game, a single-player adventure game with an emphasis on action and first-person stealth. It’s the kind of game that fans of the franchise have always imagined themselves playing. In Jurassic Park Survival, the events of the 1993 original movie occur one day later.

According to what we currently know, you will portray scientist Dr. Maya Joshi, who was left stranded on the island—though she most certainly isn’t alone—after the others were unable to escape with her.

While attempting to avoid becoming dinner for a 65 million-year-old Velociraptor, you will be able to see the park’s gates and the Visitor’s Center, as well as all of the famous landmarks and dinosaurs from the movie.

Regretfully, there is no confirmed release window for the action/adventure game that will only be available for single player, so we will have to speculate as best we can.

Aside from the undetermined release date, the game’s plot and gameplay are already well known to us.

The majority of the content available here is pre-rendered images (this one won’t be out for a while), but what little we do see of real gameplay appears to be the Jurassic Park game we’ve always wanted. Additionally, it appears to be really scary and intense, which is something we can’t say about the different Jurassic Park building training simulators we have played over the years. Think of us as excited!

In addition to Dr. Grant’s hat lying on the muddy ground below, the opening sequence of the preview features other iconic scenes from the original movie, such as one of the abandoned SUVs that surfaced during the notorious T-rex attack scene.

The main character of the game navigates the Jurassic Park welcome center within the universe while being pursued by a Dilophosaurus. She finds herself cornered in the same kitchen where Lex, Tim, and two ravenous raptors fought in the movie’s iconic scene.

Most importantly, though, was how much Survival brought to mind Creative Assembly’s Alien: Isolation right away. Jurassic Park would make an excellent candidate for such a formula, replacing the unstoppable Xenomorphs with a variety of dinosaurs that could pursue you at any time. I’ve been shouting this from the rooftops for years.

You would be forced to hide and outwit your more experienced opponents while deciphering puzzles and working out an escape plan because you would have few options for retaliation and probably wouldn’t be trained to handle firearms.

Both the concept for the game Jurassic Park Survival and its trailer are amazing. In the mad rush to escape and survive, there’s a good chance that someone was left behind somewhere. Indeed, it is terrifying to consider attempting to contact humans while stranded among dinosaurs. 

Although Jurassic Park Survival is still in its early stages, its emphasis on horror and stealth makes it seem like a perfect fit for the Jurassic Park franchise. You’re going to be up against some of the most deadly creatures in human history, so confronting them head-on is simply not an option.

Which Platforms And Consoles Can Support Jurassic Park Survival?

The PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC will get the release of Jurassic Park Survival. Regretfully, no indication of a port for the Xbox One, PS4, or Nintendo Switch exists.

We’re not overly shocked that the game is PC-only and current-gen, though, given the little gameplay clip shown in the reveal trailer. It’s likely that the game won’t run on the Switch, PS4, or Xbox One without significant downgrades.

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