The Recent Starfield Update 1.7.33 Patch Focuses On Performance, Stability and Craziest Glitches

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Starfield New Tiny Update 1.7.33

Users can now begin downloading a brand-new update from Bethesda for the open-world sci-fi role-playing game Starfield.

Today saw the release of an update for Starfield, but you should not have high hopes because it only contains a tiny number of bug fixes and exploit closures. DLSS and ultrawide monitor compatibility, city maps, the FOV slider, brightness settings, and other features that users have been waiting for are still pending.

According to Bethesda, “We are still working on a larger update that will add the features and improvements we noted in our last update notes.” We really appreciate your input and support of Starfield and look forward to continuing this adventure with you in the future.

The patch is provided for download on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and the Microsoft Store. The update resolves the number of errors during the gameplay besides enhancing performance, stability, and graphics. Notably, the bug that permitted players to declare space stations as their personal vessels has been corrected.

The well-known “Akila City puddle glitch” has also been resolved. Prior to this update, players could take advantage of it to free-snatch every item from a vendor’s inventory and then sell it back to them.

Starfield has received a second tiny update, this one concentrating on performance and stability as well as fixing some gameplay issues, two weeks after receiving its first.

Overall, it’s not a very flashy update—there are only ten bullet points in Bethesda’s patch notes—but if you’ve been having issues with things like characters who don’t appear where they should, fuzzy textures, or a hand scanner that’s clumsy, this one’s for you.

Starfield Gameplay
Bethesda is Still Working On Starfield’s Larger And Significant Update Which Will Bring More Changes To The Gameplay


It’s the expansive open-world RPG’s second update since its release on September 1. On September 13, another very minor “hotfix” that fixed three specific flaws in significant quests and enhanced Xbox Series X/S stability went online. Big ticket issues like improved accessibility features, more PC display options, and gameplay enhancements are currently missing.

Due to Starfield’s exclusive agreement with rival GPU manufacturer AMD, Nvidia DLSS compatibility was a major sticking point at launch. Players finally added the graphical upscaling technology themselves through game mods, but Bethesda has pledged to offer a formal repair. A button to automatically eat food found in the real world rather than losing it in the inventory screen is still on the to-do list, along with brightness and contrast adjustments, an HDR Calibration Menu, and a FOV Slider.

An issue with the game’s aesthetics, such as blurry textures, is fixed in the most recent Starfield version. This version includes a significant improvement for Starfield’s scanner, which at a certain point would begin to stutter. It is hoped that after installing the new version, this issue will be resolved, allowing Starfield players who have invested a lot of time in the game to use their scanner without experiencing any hitching problems. With the most recent version, further, unnamed stability and performance enhancements have also been added, which should result in fewer crashes and freezes for Starfield players.

The patch released today has also corrected a few ship-related problems. The Razorleaf’s containers and weapon racks have been repaired; before, anything kept in them would disappear when players took control of another ship. Display mannequins on your ship will no longer disappear when you place items on them. Additionally, the update includes “stability and performance improvements to address crashing and freezes.”

Starfield Update 1.7.33 Patch Note

For more information about the recent update 1.7.33 click the link below and check them very carefully to see everything that has been fixed or changed. This is yet another little update. Larger fixes being developed by Bethesda, including the addition of official Starfield mod compatibility, are anticipated to be released early in the following year.


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