A Minnesota Trooper Is Accused Of Killing A Black Motorist

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A Minnesota Trooper Is Accused Of Killing A Black Motorist

According to authorities, a motorist was fatally shot by a Minnesota State Patrol trooper during a routine traffic stop in July of last year. The trooper is now being charged with three felonies.

At a news conference on Wednesday, Hennepin County Attorney Mary Moriarty said that Trooper Ryan Londregan was charged with second-degree unintentional homicide, first-degree assault, and second-degree murder in connection with the death of Ricky Cobb II.

Cobb, a 33-year-old Black man, was stopped in North Minneapolis for a minor equipment violation, and the white trooper then shot and killed Cobb.

State troopers may only use deadly force, according to Moriarty, in situations when it is required to defend a person from a particular identifiable danger of grave bodily damage or death that was reasonably expected to occur.

This is also true for all other law enforcement personnel in Minnesota. In this instance, Moriarty said, it did not exist, and Ricky Cobb II ought to still be alive today.

A lawyer representing Londregan referred to his client as “a hero” and criticized Moriarty for accusing Cobb.

In a video statement, attorney Chris Madel declared that the county attorney was completely out of control. He went on to say that this case would be the last in the open season for law enforcement.

Legal experts claim that after Mr. Floyd was slain by a Minneapolis police officer, which sparked a national outcry against racism and police abuses, prosecutors have been more inclined to pursue law enforcement personnel.

Nevertheless, criminal charges in these kinds of incidents are still uncommon, and when they are, prosecutors have difficulty getting convictions.

Trooper Londregan, 27,’s attorney, Peter B. Wold, refrained from commenting on the charges right away.

According to Moriarty, their thoughts and prayers were with Ricky Cobb’s family, who were experiencing an unfathomable tragedy. He went on to say that he was aware of their grief and that they would be affected by this loss for the rest of their lives.

Cobb, 33, had been stopped early on July 31 on Interstate 94 close to Lowry Avenue in Minneapolis for not having his tail lights on, according to the Department of Public Safety

How Trooper Shot Ricky Cobb II On July 31?

Cobb’s silver Ford Fusion was pulled over by troopers on July 31, 2023, just before two in the morning, for driving at night without headlights, as stated in the criminal complaint filed against Londregan. It states that Londregan arrived on the site around 20 minutes later.

Although there was no active arrest warrant in that particular case, the lawsuit claims that one of the other troopers informed Londregan that Cobb, a father of five, was wanted for breaking a protection order in Ramsey County.

Cobb was told to get out of the automobile, but no explanation was provided, according to the ongoing lawsuit. The troopers informed him that there was no active warrant for his arrest when he inquired about it, according to the report.

Cobb was wanted for a “probable cause arrest for a felony order-for-protection violation,” according to an earlier statement from the Minnesota Public Safety Department’s Bureau, which Seide reviewed Cobb’s record. The adjacent Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office had issued the order.

A Trooper Shot A Man
                           The Footage Of The Cobb’s Car When The Troopers Were Asking Cobb For His Credentials


After arriving later, Londregan and Trooper Garrett Erickson assisted Seide in trying to free Cobb from the automobile before Londregan shot him. Cobb was able to get his Ford Fusion to stop on the freeway after traveling a short distance.

According to the agency, the troopers then attempted to save Cobb. At the scene, he passed away.

Ms. Moriarty stated that in this instance, her team and she decided to press charges instead of a grand jury.

According to Ms. Moriarty, the family members of Mr. Cobb and Trooper Londregan had a challenging day on Wednesday.

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