Brothers Face 130 Charges After Arsenal Found In Apartment

brothers Face 130 Charges After Arsenal Found In Apartment

Prosecutors claim that officers discovered an arsenal of manufactured firearms and explosives in a Queens apartment, leading to the indictment of two brothers on Monday.

130 accusations are pending against Andrew, 39, and Angelo Hatziagelis, 51; the majority of them relate to possession of various weapons.

During their investigation of the house, police claim to have also discovered a hit list with the words “cops, politicians, judges, celebrities, and banker scum” written on it and a 3D printer that could produce guns.

Neighbor’s Statement About Brothers

The brothers’ longtime neighbor Shaleen Heffernan claims she won’t ever forget the day they were taken into custody.

Heffernan reported that he saw a man on the 2nd-floor landing opening the window with an AK-47 sniper while wearing full tactical gear.

According to Heffernan, the family members were frequently obnoxious or kept to themselves.

They were not cordial or pleasant individuals, Heffernan continued. She clarified, asking, “What happens when someone has a big grudge against them?” similar to the size of an iceberg. That was the state of affairs.

Despite the Astoria apartment being situated next to a Consolidated Edison facility, Melinda Katz, the district attorney for Queens, claims there is no proof the residence was intended as a target.

One of the brothers was previously convicted in 1994 of a misdemeanor.

Katz stated that they had three pieces of body armor, three backpacks, and approximately 600 rounds of ammo. He continued by saying that thirteen of their 29 high-capacity magazines were created using a 3D printer.

The arraignment of Andrew, 39, and Angelos, 51, is still pending after they were remanded into custody.

Katz claimed that the city was safer back then and that his Crime Strategies and Intelligence Bureau conducted daily investigations to identify weapons that were prohibited, such as explosive devices in this case, as well as firearms.

Katz went on to say that while they were unable to calculate the number of lives saved, they were certain that these weapons could ever harm no one.

Prosecutors alleged that Angelo, 51, and Andrew, 39, Hatziagelis live in an Astoria apartment with their mother and another sibling.

The announcement stated that when the IEDs were discovered, the apartment building, which is located across from a power plant, was evacuated by the bomb squad of the New York City Police Department.

State police and US Homeland Security also provided support for the search.

A cache of weaponry, including explosions and untraceable, 3D-printed ghost guns, has the potential to cause catastrophic bloodshed, according to a statement made by City Police Commissioner Edward Caban.

According to the website of the New York State court system, Angelo Hatziagelis entered a not-guilty plea to each of the 130 accusations. Whether Andrew Hatziagelis has made a debut appearance is unknown.

Andrew Hatziagelis (on the left) And Angelo The Arraignment For The Charges Is Pending For Both Brothers


The brothers’ subsequent court appearance is set for February 15. The district attorney stated that they might spend up to 25 years in jail if found guilty.

According to Inspector Courtney Nilan from the NYPD Intelligence Division, the entire building might have collapsed due to an incorrect chemical mixture or faulty wiring.

The vast range of publications and comments from Charlie Manson, Nilan continued, indicated that they were attempting to identify exactly what they were attempting to accomplish.

The 130-count indictment against the Hatziagelis brothers includes many weapons possession counts, reckless endangerment, illicit firearms sales, 15 counts of making, transporting, disposing of, or defacing weapons, three counts of buying body armor illegally, and other offenses. The brothers are awaiting arraignment.

Acting Special Agent in Charge of Homeland Security Investigations New York, Erin Keegan, stated that in that particular case, law enforcement agencies worked together to make a discovery that most likely may have saved lives. 

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