Several People Injured In Shooting At Perry High School

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Several People Injured In Shooting At Perry High School

At a press conference on Thursday morning, the county’s Sheriff Adam Infante stated that multiple persons had been shot at Perry High School. Although they have identified the shooter, the police have not disclosed any further information about them.

At the Perry High School, located in Dallas County around forty miles northwest of downtown Des Moines, there was a noticeable police and medical presence.

A rescue helicopter was seen arriving at the Perry High School at around 8:30 a.m., several blocks’ worth of streets were blocked off, and scores of law enforcement officers from over central Iowa were present.

At about 8:50 a.m., parents began to arrive to locate their youngsters. According to Chris Cohea, a city spokesperson, all pupils at the adjacent primary school were being held in their rooms and the building was under lockdown.

Five minutes later, deputies arrived on the scene. “Multiple gunshot victims,” he claimed. He continued by saying that the precise number and severity of the injuries were still unknown.

He said that the shooter had been identified by the police. He didn’t go into greater detail or address the gunman’s condition. More details will be made public in the coming hours, according to Infante.

The community is now safe, according to the sheriff. He continued by saying that they were only now moving backward, making notifications, and attempting to piece together all that had happened.

Infante said the incident took place before the start of classes. 

Fortunately, Sherriff said, there were not many students or faculty members in the facility, which he believed helped ensure a positive outcome in that regard. 

Approximately 8,000 people are living in Perry. The 1,785-student Perry Community School District includes the Perry High School. The same structure houses the middle school. The first day of classes after the holiday break was held on Thursday.

According to UnityPoint Health officials, two Perry High School gunshot victims were taken by EMS to Iowa Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines on Thursday morning after the incident.

Senior Rachael Kares, 18, was finishing up jazz band rehearsal at 7:37 a.m.; she had just checked her watch. She and her bandmates heard four separate gunshots, which she characterized as being fired at different intervals.

According to Kares, they all leaped. Her band teacher, she said, glared at them and yelled, “Run!” They fled as a result.

Her primary concern was returning home to her three-year-old son.

She claimed that at that point, her only concern was leaving since she had to get back home with her son.

Officials Reaction Towards Perry High School
Perry High School
At The Site Of A Shooting At Perry High School, Law Enforcement Personnel Are At Work


Several federal agencies, the Perry Police Department, and the sheriff’s office also arrived at the shooting.  

EMS units were dispatched in large numbers to the situation near 1200 18th Street, as per radio chatter related to public safety. 

Federal officers claiming to be on the ground included those from the FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosive (ATF).

As of right now, officials have not disclosed any new information. 

Teacher Reports 

Dan Marburger, the high school’s principal, was allegedly shot, according to two instructors.

According to Perry Middle School teacher Holly Killmer, two of his three children were expected to be in the high school at the time he worked there. “How did you come to terms with sending them back into that environment?” he continued. How were they able to accomplish that? It was simply so horrific.

According to Killmer, pupils sought refuge at Perry Lutheran Homes, an elderly living facility close to the school.

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