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Trump Takes Advantage of the Slow Legal System,

Trump Takes Advantage of the Slow Legal System, The Supreme Court is Providing Assistance

Trump takes advantage of the slow legal system. The justices will be at the heart of election-year debate for several more months due to the Supreme Court’s decision to consider Donald Trump’s argument that he should be exempt from criminal prosecution. This also means that a decision about Trump’s alleged manipulation of the 2020 election...

Marijuana Uses Associated with an increased risk of heart

Marijuana Uses Associated with an increased risk of heart attack, Study Says

A new study discovered that even in individuals without pre-existing cardiac issues or tobacco use, smoking, vaping, or consuming marijuana is associated with a markedly increased risk of heart attack and stroke. The study discovered that while cannabis users, whether daily or not, had a higher risk of heart attack and stroke relative to nonusers,...

Government Shutdown

4 Days till the Partial Government Shutdown, and Lawmakers have not Yet Reached an Agreement to Prevent

Congress faces a crucial budget deadline in four days, and there is still no obvious way to prevent a partial government shutdown at the last day of the week The package has not yet been unveiled, despite lawmakers’ hopes to share the language of a bipartisan spending agreement Sunday evening. There are still high-level policy...

ICE says Georgia Student killing Suspect

ICE says Georgia Student killing Suspect Entered the US Illegally

The Venezuelan national accused in the death of 22-year-old Georgia nursing student Laken Riley entered the country illegally in 2022 and was previously held in New York City, according to information provided by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Sunday. According to earlier reports from Fox News, 26-year-old Jose Antonio Ibarra was granted parole after...

Mexico City Water Shortage

Mexico City Water Shortage Could Occur in a Few Months

Alejandro Gomez has spent more than three months without access to clean running water. Occasionally, it occurs for one or two hours, but it’s only enough of a trickle to fill a few buckets. Then, for several days, nothing. Gomez, who resides in the Tlalpan neighborhood of Mexico City, is unable to receive water truck...

Russia Detains a Dual Citizen of the US

Russia Detains a Dual Citizen of the US on Charges of Supporting Ukraine

A dual citizen of the United States and Russia was detained on treasonous accusations, according to a report released by Russia’s top domestic intelligence agency on Tuesday. She was allegedly funding Ukrainian organizations and providing support to Kyiv. The Federal Security Service (FSB) said in a statement that the woman, who it only identified as...

Kansas City Chiefs Rally

2 Men are Accused of Killing During the Kansas City Chiefs Rally

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced on Tuesday that two individuals have been charged with murder as well as other felonies for their involvement in the mass shooting that occurred following a Kansas City Chiefs championship rally last week. According to the prosecutor’s office, Dominic M. Miller of Kansas City and Lyndell Mays of...

US Army is under Greater Strain

US Army is under Greater Strain as it Foots the Tab for Ukraine Support

The US Army has been forced to pay for hundreds of millions of dollars in support of Ukraine’s conflict against Russia over the last few months as financing for the country faces an uncertain future in Congress. Army officials are growing more and more concerned that, in the absence of new funding, they will have...

Donald Trump's $355 million Civil Fraud Verdict’

Donald Trump’s $355 million Civil Fraud Verdict’s Key Takeaways

Donald Trump received his harshest penalty to date on Friday, as Judge Arthur Engoron fined the former president $355 million for inflating the prices of his properties. This adds to the $83 million verdict against Donald for defaming E. Jean Carroll, meaning that in the last four weeks, Trump has been penalized almost $438 million....