A Father Explains How His Baby Daughter Emily Hand, Survived Hamas Captivity

Emily Hand Survived Hamas Captivity

As Israeli forces assaulted Gaza, Emily Hand was forced to flee from house to house by Hamas, according to her father, Thomas Hand. It’s horrifying being hauled, shoved, and most likely under fire, he stated on Tuesday. This is one of the things his daughter is gradually disclosing about what transpired after she was abducted … Read more

Massive Surge in Harmful Phishing Emails Because of AI Tools like ChatGPT

Massive Surge in Harmful Phishing Emails

According to a new analysis by cybersecurity firm SlashNext, there has been a 1,265% increase in malicious phishing emails since the fourth quarter of 2022, with credential phishing seeing the biggest spike at 967%. According to the report, which is based on threat intelligence from the company and a survey of over 300 cybersecurity experts … Read more

How Election Officials Intend to Prevent a Slow Vote CountSimilar to that of 2020

How Election Officials Intend

Election officials are planning to tally votes far more quickly in 2024, hoping to avoid a repetition of the lengthy ballot count that left the fate of the presidential race undecided for days in 2020.  Many states that are considered to be battlegrounds have enacted new legislation to expedite the counting process and establish more … Read more

The Largest Iceberg In The World Moves For The First Time in Decades

The Largest Iceberg

The largest iceberg in the world broke loose from the ocean floor near Antarctica and moved for the first time in thirty years. This might potentially cause issues for local species. From the western end of the Ronne Ice Shelf, Iceberg A23a “calved,” or dropped off the continent’s larger glacier, and drifted in the Weddell … Read more

Russia Performs the Largest Drone Strike on Kyiv Since the Conflict’s Inception

Russia unleashed its largest drone strike against Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, since the beginning of its invasion on Saturday, according to local officials. A total of roughly 75 Shahed drones were fired from the Kursk region of Russia and Primorsko-Akhtarsk. The attack was carried out by a “record number” of drones, according to a Telegram message … Read more

Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators Impede the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators

Pro-Palestinian demonstrators obstructed the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. Some of them attached themselves to the asphalt alongside the parade route, while others chanted and sang “Palestine will be free.” Protesters in midtown Manhattan staged a demonstration along the parade route, holding a banner that said, “Freedom for Palestine and the Planet.” … Read more

Beijing Hospitals are Overburdened by the Post-COVID Spike in Pediatric Respiratory Infections

Beijing Hospitals are Overburdened by the Post-COVID Spike

As China prepares for its first winter after loosening strict COVID-19 limits almost a year ago, hospitals in Beijing and northern China are dealing with an increase in pediatric respiratory cases. Numerous children’s hospitals in major cities throughout northern China had hundreds of patients waiting in line for hours to see doctors, as reported by … Read more

The Release Of Hostages From Gaza Will Not Take Place Until Friday

The Release Of Hostages From Gaza

Hostage talks between Israel and Hamas were continuing on Wednesday, according to the Prime Minister’s Office, with the assistance of Israel National Security Advisor Tzachi Hanegbi. The release of hostages from Gaza will not be possible until Friday. Both sides of the battle agreed this week to a brief ceasefire, which will go into effect … Read more