Savannah Guthrie, 52, Writes About Faith In Her New Book

Savannah Guthrie, 52, Writes About Faith In Her New Book

Today marks the release of “Mostly What God Does,” a frank story of co-anchor Savannah Guthrie of NBC News’ “Today” show, and a gentle invitation to “come as you are” to faith, all conveyed with what she describes “nothing but my curiosity and a receptive heart.”

According to Savannah Guthrie, the book was the most vulnerable and intimate project she had ever worked on, she told Axios. Guthrie continued, saying that even though it was well outside of her comfort zone, she felt compelled to convey her positive thoughts about God.

Savannah Guthrie discussed her life, beliefs, and decision to publish such a personal book with TMJ4’s Symone Woolridge.

Being raised in a church, Guthrie has had a strong religious background since she was five. Though she has published children’s books, this is unique.

Guthrie expressed her excitement and delight at feeling like she was putting her heart out there.

Savannah Guthrie Lost Her At 16

Savannah Savannah discussed the effects of her father Charles’s unexpected death from a heart attack when she was sixteen in a recorded video. 

That was devastating, according to Savannah, who occasionally split her life into two periods: before and after her father’s passing.

Savannah continued talking about her relationship with God, mentioning that her father was a man of strong faith and conviction.

She also recalled that her acquaintances had questioned how she could still believe. and she recalled saying, “Oh no, that’s exactly when she needed him.” She asserted that she could not lose God and her father simultaneously. 

Savannah Guthrie, a Christian, told that writing about religion was important to her since it is the foundation of who she is.

She claimed that it was her joy, her tick, and her guide through life.

Guthrie told that she and her husband, Jewish Mike Feldman, have made it a point to teach their two children, Vale, 9, and Charley, 7, about religion. One way they do this is by praying with them before bed.

Sarah French of WCNC Charlotte questioned Savannah Guthrie about what motivated her to write this book. She said that she was kind of the last person she expected would write a book like this and that she could not believe this was all happening.

She continued, saying that about a year ago, someone asked her if she would ever want to write a book about her faith. To be honest, she was afraid to write it, but she couldn’t say no, so this book was just a collection of essays and reflections, short, bite-sized ideas about faith.

Because her career has been “mostly a blur,” Guthrie makes it clear in her book that it is not a memoir. She went on to say that she was unable to write about other topics, such as the breakdown of her first marriage to writer Mark Orchard, which she did remember but did not want to discuss. Savannah Guthrie claimed that there was only disappointment rather than any controversy.

Though she breaks down her book into six categories that she has recognized as the fundamentals of faith—love, presence, praise, grace, hope, and purpose—she candidly discusses her experience of being “utterly terrified” and battling anxiety before her 2012 debut as host of “Today.” Guthrie prayed to God throughout such times.

Savannah Guthrie
As Savannah Talked About Her New Book, She Became Emotional


Guthrie talks about her experience working on the Today show, where producers bring her a packet of notes containing the news from the previous night. She claimed that everyone may identify with some of it being depressing.

How did you discover hope and raise your head, Guthrie asked. She continued by saying that there may be moments when it is very hard to be religious when it seems like there is so much more wrong in the world than right.

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