Britney Spears Claims She Had An Abortion After Pregnancy With Justin Timberlake

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According to a People magazine excerpt from Britney Spears’ upcoming memoir, the pop singer underwent an abortion after becoming pregnant with Justin Timberlake.

Britney  Spears revealed in her autobiography that Justin Timberlake, who was 18 at the time, was undoubtedly unhappy about the pregnancy. She said that Justin had suggested we were too young and unprepared for getting a baby in our lives.

In their late teens, between 1999 and 2002, the pop sensation couple dated.

In her memoir, which will be released on October 24th, Ms. Spears stated that Mr. Timberlake was so sure that he was not ready to be a father.

Ms. Britney Spears claimed that she was unsure of whether getting the surgery was the proper course of action and that, if she had been given the option, she would not have chosen to have an abortion.

But that wasn’t a tragedy, she said for herself. She claimed to adore Justin dearly and to have always expected the two of them to start a family together. She explained that this would simply be considerably earlier than she had planned.

In her account of having an abortion, Britney Spears claims that it remains one of the most terrible things she has ever gone through.

After Britney Spears and Timberlake divorced in 2002, she gave birth to two kids with her 2nd husband, Kevin Federline: Sean Preston, 18, and Jayden James, 17. 

In November 2021, Spears’ 13-year conservatorship came to an end, and she regained control over her finances and medical care.

Writing the book was one of her options. She claimed that it has been difficult to revisit difficult times in her life, such as not being able to experience a moment of calm, facing criticism from people she doesn’t even know, losing her desire for the things she loves, and having her independence taken away by the Britney Spears family and the government.

Britney Spears, who is now 41, says that she doesn’t feel like her conservatorship is treating her like an adult should.

Describing that she experienced like a shadow of herself, Spears describes the “soul-crushing” years when she lost personal autonomy.

In her autobiography, Spears also discusses small interludes of adolescent normalcy she experienced while growing up in Kentwood, Louisiana.

Spears claimed that there was already a push-pull going on inside of her: one part of her wanted to keep working for the dream, while the other part just wanted to live a regular life in Louisiana. For a little period, she had to allow normalcy to win.

Britney Spears Claims She Had An Abortion After Pregnancy With Justin Timberlake
                                Britney Spears And Justin Timberlake Dated Each Other In Their Early Teen Age


Spears made a number of astounding allegations about the conservatorship in 2021 during court proceedings that finally led to her release from the arrangement in November of that same year, including that she was made to use contraception and take medication against her will. Prior to the conservatorship’s eventual termination, Jamie Spears was removed from it.

She explained by claiming that when performing, she transforms into more of an entity than a human being and that she has always felt the music in her bones and blood; they took that away from her. What Spears’ family did to her wasn’t anything she deserved. Her artistic brilliance was killed by it.

Ms. Spears has released a number of more top singles since the end of her conservatorship. She also wed Sam Asghari, albeit the union ended in a year-long divorce.

In her memoir, Ms. Spears said that the time after her conservatorship gave her the opportunity to create a new persona.

Spears resumed recording once the conservatorship was terminated alongside the songs “Hold Me Closer” featuring Elton John & Mind Your Business with

Highlights From Britney Spears’s Past

When Spears and Timberlake began dating in 1999 when she was 17 years old, their relationship lasted until 2002. The 41-year-old singer writes in her autobiography, “The Woman in Me,” about encountering Timberlake when she was 11 on the set of “The Mickey Mouse Club” and having her first kiss with him while playing a game of Truth or Dare.

When she was 15 years old, she was offered an album deal by Jive Records. She went on to record the platinum-selling singles “Baby One More Time” and “Oops! I Did It Again.” In her autobiography, Spears discusses her feelings after singing “I’m a Slave 4 U” during the 2001 VMAs while holding a snake as a prop.

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