Donald Trump Returned To Ongoing New York Civil Fraud Trial

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Donald Trump Returned To Ongoing New York Civil Fraud Trial

The continuing civil fraud trial against the former president and his business was in session in Manhattan on Tuesday.

Trump criticized the judge who would determine the case outside of the courtroom at the Manhattan Supreme Court.

A reporter stationed in the corridor was informed by Trump that the judge was a Democrat, that he was very liberal, and that he felt under a lot of pressure.

The New York Attorney General Letitia James, who initiated the investigation accusing Donald Trump, two of his eldest sons, the Trump Organization, and others of a years-long practice of business fraud, was repeatedly attacked by Trump.

According to New York Executive Law 63(12), which allows the attorney general to file a lawsuit against anyone who commits repeated forged or illegal acts or otherwise exhibits ongoing fraud trial or illegality in the running, conducting, or transaction of business, James sued Trump, his business partners, including his sons, and the Trump Organization for suspected fraud.

According to the law, the attorney general may request that a state judge order the parties responsible to pay damages or other forms of compensation, cease their unlawful operations, and, if necessary, cancel their business licenses.

Donald Trump’s attorneys appear to have given up on trying to win the currently pending New York State fraud trial on the former president and have instead resorted to grandstanding in an effort to insert “landmines” into the record of the fraud trial that they can use as leverage in an appeal.

Jose Pagliery, a reporter for The Daily Beast who has been monitoring the fraud trial for a few weeks, made those remarks. This week, he joined The New Abnormal to talk about what he’s observed.

Trump told reporters as he exited the hearing room for a lunch break that his previous personal lawyer and “fixer,” Michael Cohen, “doesn’t have the guts” to confront the former president while testifying.

Trump's Fraud Trial
Initially, Trump Had Intended To Attend The Fraud Trial This Week In Order To Hear Michael Cohen, His Longtime Personal Attorney And Fixer, Testify


In two of the five major court proceedings against Trump (4 criminal and a civil), 77, there are partial gag orders.

On October 3, the second day of the trial in this fraud trial, Judge Arthur Engoron issued the restricted gag order after Trump disparaged the judge’s chief law clerk, Allison Greenfield, in a since-removed Truth Social post. It is expressly forbidden for the former president to criticize Greenfield or any other court employees in public.

In the matter, Trump has denied any wrongdoing. When he was present in court for a portion of the first week of the hearing in early October, he constantly criticized James, the judge, and the procedures in general.

After Trump posted a social media attack on the judge’s law clerk during that time period, Engoron issued a partial gag order against him.

Trump and other parties involved in the lawsuit were told by Engoron not to mention any of his staff members in public.

Trump’s trial won’t end until the middle of December. Although Engoron has already determined that Trump and his fellow defendants engaged in fraud by undervaluing their wealth, the trial is still deciding whether the fraud was carried out on purpose as well as whether insurance fraud and business record falsification also occurred.

Engoron already ordered the cancellation of Trump’s company certificate as part of his decision, as permitted under 63(12), but that order has since been suspended. James’ plea for fair remedies may possibly include other punishments, such as preventing Trump and his offspring from owning businesses in New York and a $250 million penalty fee.

Donna Kidder’s Statement On Trump Fraud Trial

Instead, Trump attended a less publicized day of the trial to hear Donna Kidder, one of his company’s accountants, testify. She stated that she was instructed to develop some assumptions that were advantageous to the corporation while being questioned in detail about the intricate nature of internal spreadsheets.

She claimed that longstanding former Trump Organization financial chief Allen Weisselberg instructed her to pretend as though each available floor in a Trump-owned Wall Street workspace would be leased by a specific date, even if some space was unoccupied at the time. She was instructed to forecast that unsold units “would all sell out” in a specific amount of time for a Park Avenue apartment complex.

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