Dolly Parton, 78, Reveals A Surprise New Music On Her 78th Birthday

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Dolly Parton

On Friday, the 78-year-old country music icon Dolly Parton released an Instagram grid post revealing that she is celebrating her birthday in style with some new music.

She started the message, which was typed on a picture she shared. “Hey fans and friends,” she wrote. She declared that she was going to offer her admirers a present because it was her birthday.

Dolly Parton went on to say that in addition to the Rockstar album, she was releasing four previously unheard songs on her birthday.

Some of the songs may be familiar to fans from other songs they have heard, but they are not included on the album. She continued by wishing you all a happy birthday and saying that she hopes you all enjoy them.

With Rockstar, which ended up being one of her greatest and most thrilling albums to date, Dolly Parton made a comeback last fall. In an attempt to branch out and try a different genre, she wrote some fun original songs in addition to covering some of the greatest hits in the history of rock music during her set.

She returned with even more rock songs some months following the set, which turned into a huge victory for the superstar.

The singer-songwriter could have released another album, but instead, she released enough songs to fill it.

This weekend, Dolly fans everywhere will commemorate another year of her life. People are rejoicing in Michigan when a tiny pony dressed like Dolly herself surprised members at Waltonwood Main retirement community.

Her Imagination Library Program, a public library in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, will honor Parton’s contributions to literacy. The library has given more than 360,000 books to nearly 12,000 kids since joining the program as an affiliate in 2018.

Now, they’re hosting Dolly Parton’s birthday celebration and getting to know the kids who have benefited from the initiative.

Even when Dollywood is closed for the season, there is always fun to be had. Live music is being offered as part of Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa’s third annual Winter Music Series through the end of February.

On January 19 and 20, TG Sheppard will be performing in honor of Parton’s birthday. He is one of the top 100 country music performers of all time and has 21 No. 1 hits.

When Dolly Parton first announced the album’s release in May 2023, she disclosed that it would have nine original songs in addition to 20 well-known covers.

In a press statement at the time, she expressed her excitement about releasing her first rock and roll album, Rockstar, and how fortunate and honored it was to have collaborated with some of the greatest musicians and singers of all time. She also said that it was an immense joy to be able to sing all of the album’s hit songs.

Rocking renditions of her songs “Mama Never Said,” “Stay Out of My Bedroom,” and the appropriately named “Rockin’ It” may be heard on the recently published compilation. Parton also did numerous more rock smashes, adding her unique touch to the well-known hits, in keeping with the rest of Rockstar.

She performed covers of several songs, including “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar, “Two Tickets to Paradise” by Eddie Money, “Bridge Over Troubled Water” by Simon & Garfunkel, “The Entertainer” by Billy Joel, and “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” by the Eurythmics.

Fans Celebrated Dolly Parton’s Birthday
Dolly Parton, 78, Reveals A Surprise New Music On Her 78th Birthday
The Celebration Also Marked The Beginning Of A Book Drive To Benefit Dolly Parton’s Nonprofit, Imagination Library


A book drive to support Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, a program that provides books to high-poverty communities, and Parton’s birthday have been celebrated by residents of the Waltonwood Senior Living home located in Rochester Hills, Michigan, throughout the entire week.

A “Waltonwood to Dollywood” celebration was held at the senior living facility. It included a dress-up station, a tiny pony fashioned after Dolly, festive mementos, and more.

Members of the institution have been enjoying activities like line-dancing classes and a Dolly lookalike day during the celebration.

Dolly-inspired events were attended by over 80% of the members of the Waltonwood Main neighborhood; according to Charlefour, this was the highest turnout they had ever experienced.

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