Emma Stone, 35, Applies For ‘Jeopardy!’ Every Year

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Emma Stone, 35, Applies For 'Jeopardy!' Every Year

Despite her enormous success as an actress, Emma Stone still has a purpose in life that she wants to accomplish.

Emma Stone has admitted that she is an avid fan of the game show “Jeopardy!” and that the actress has been trying for a cast position on the program for many years.

In an interview together with Variety’s Award Circuit podcast, she clarified that she applies each June. She went on to say that she was against appearing on “Celebrity Jeopardy!” She wanted to get her stripes.

The “Poor Things” actor isn’t talking about the prime-time version of the game called “Celebrity Jeopardy!,” which is reserved for famous players. No, her goals are greater. She wants to compete with the world’s average trivia buffs by getting on the syndicated show regularly.

With Mayim Bialik’s recent departure, Jeopardy! super champ Ken Jennings is the only host of the show. Each week features three contestants competing against one another to increase their cash total by solving clues on a variety of topics.

As all fans of the enduringly famous syndicated show are aware, participants must answer the questions posed in response to the clues that are revealed.

Emma Stone went on to say that you could only use your email address to take the exam once a year and that she has never been on the show.

The producer and actor from Curse also revealed that she has been getting ready for the prospect of competing on Jeopardy! for a while.

Emma Stone claimed to have watched it every night and to have noted how many of the questions she correctly answered. She went on to say she could play Jeopardy, she swore!

Before you recommend that Stone goes on Celebrity Jeopardy!, you ought to know that she has no interest. She declared that she has no desire to participate in Celebrity Jeopardy! And Stone has made every effort to achieve just that.

Emma Stone went on to say that it was absurd that the Jeopardy! producers didn’t throw down the red carpet as soon as they noticed estone@gmail.com in their inboxes. 

Stone has good reason to decline to participate in Celebrity Jeopardy! Celebrity Jeopardy! is among the easiest Jeopardy! variations, as everyone worth their salt has known at least since Saturday Night Live’s original parody of it in the early 1990s.—National College Championship, Second Chance, Teen Tournament, and so forth. 

Over the past few years, “Jeopardy!” has seen numerous alterations. Following the death of longtime host Alex Trebek from pancreatic cancer in 2020, the program struggled to find a suitable replacement.

After several trials, neuroscientist and actress Mayim Bialik and former “Jeopardy!” champ Ken Jennings will be the show’s regular presenters in 2022.

Bialik left her presenting role in May when the writers’ strike started, even though the show circumvented the writers’ strike by reusing previous clues. Since then, she has declared her strong support for unions.

The second season of “Celebrity Jeopardy!,” an independent game show spinoff, is presently airing on ABC. Daily episodes of “Jeopardy!” with celebrity themes have also been broadcast in the past. Notable competitors from this season include Cynthia Nixon, Brian Baumgartner, Lisa Ann Walter, and Christopher Meloni.

Emma Stone’s Awards
Emma Stone
In The Beverly Hilton Hotel On January 7, 2024, Emma Stone Accepts The Best Performance By A Female Actor From A Motion Picture Musical Or Comedy Prize For Her Role In “Poor Things” At The 81st Golden Globe Awards


Although Stone was spotted accepting a Golden Globe on Sunday for her role in Poor Things as Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy. She has not yet been cast in the show, but she is nevertheless successful in her day-to-day career as an actress.

Stone’s critically acclaimed work in the film has also seen her pick up an acting nominations for the 2019 Screen Actors Guild Awards. As a result, when the Academy Award nominations are revealed, everyone’s eyes are fixed on Stone.

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