Taylor Swift And Google Work Together To Share a Song From Taylor’s Back Catalog, But There Seems To Have Been a “Glitch”

Home Entertainment Taylor Swift And Google Work Together To Share a Song From Taylor’s Back Catalog, But There Seems To Have Been a “Glitch”
Taylor swift collaborate with Google for release her vault song

Unhappy fans tried to complete a series of Easter egg puzzles to learn the names of the new “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” of Taylor Swift tracks, but they ran into technological difficulties.

This past Tuesday, pop sensation Taylor Swift treated her fans by sending them on a virtual Easter egg hunt to find the title of her new song, “1989 (Taylor’s Version).” This created quite a stir among her loyal admirers. However, there were some technological challenges they had to overcome along the road, so it wasn’t all plain sailing.

When Swift gave a performance in Los Angeles last month, she indicated that she would be re-recording “1989” and that the “Taylor’s Version” would contain previously unheard tracks. In addition, she included Vault recordings in this re-recorded CD, which is a lovely extra for her admirers who eagerly download and buy her albums. Prior to this, Taylor Swift unveiled the vault tracks “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” and “Red (Taylor’s Version)” in a video with scripted lines.

On Tuesday, Google said that its search function would bring back a set of 89 petal puzzles that fans could solve to learn the titles of these brand-new songs. According to Google, “You’ll help Swifties worldwide escape the woods (or open the vault) because everyone solves 33 million petals socially together.” And that’s how you obtain the vault track title; that’s how it operates.

For the first time in a week, several overseas fans were searching for “Taylor Swift” when they came upon a small blue pocketbook. They were looking forward to learning the significance of Swifties’ pocketbook. Beginning with the wallet, which included a scrambled version of the title of Swift’s new album, this mystery will only deepen when partners type solutions into the search bar.

However, because they look for solutions that don’t result in any advancement later, many fans (including an NBC News reporter) believe that there is a problem with it. Some fans were dissatisfied they couldn’t play or got impatient trying to solve the problem perfectly rather than engaging in the game.

Taylor Swift And Google Work Together To Share a Song From Taylor's Back Catalog, But There Seems To Have Been a "Glitch"
                                   Google Worked With Taylor Swift For Release Her Vault Song But It’s Likely a “Glitch”


People’s Thoughts About Song Of Taylor Swift 

On X, formerly known as Twitter, a user wrote, “I think Taylor frequently forgets how big she is.” “Considering that Vault isn’t functioning, 33 million is a significant amount. Google must take measures to determine who is faking it and who is actually attempting to look through the eyewear for hints. I think everything is messed up.

Another person made light of the situation by saying, “We’re not getting 33m in front of the bomb before this idiot refuses to work.” On Tuesday, Google fixed errors in a post on X.

“Swifties, there’s a jam in the vault! However, the corporation assured customers that there was no vacant space within. We have sealed ourselves in our foxhole and are on our way out of the bush. On Tuesday, requests for comment from Swift’s representative were not immediately fulfilled.

On Tuesday afternoon, Taylor Swift uploaded a video to Instagram showing the opening of her blue vault. She captioned the accompanying video, “Can You Tell Me When Search Will End… If It Was Worth the High Pain.”

Data from Google Trends shows that “Taylor Swift” searches rose immediately following the publication and persisted high for several hours. At three o’clock, Swift’s Google search interest peaked. But on Tuesday, a few hours following her post, it had sharply fallen. On October 27, exactly nine years after the original, “1989 (Taylor’s Version)” will be released.

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