The Trump Star on the Walk of Fame Causes Controversy in LA

Home Politics The Trump Star on the Walk of Fame Causes Controversy in LA
Trump Star on the Walk of Fame Causes Controversy

Los Angeles leaders believe that the memorial should be removed, but there is some confusion on how to remove it. Political leaders in Los Angeles are not hesitant about calling Former President Donald Trump insane, a fascist, and a clear and present danger to the country’s stability.

However, when it comes to the tiny, symbolic step of removing Donald Trump’s most prominent presence in the City of Angels, his star on the celebrity-studded Hollywood Walk of Fame, they have been surprisingly hesitant to transform their words into concrete action.

All signs are that the city’s leadership would want to see Former President Star fall, preferably before next year’s presidential election.  Political advisers and others in and around the city administration confirm this in background meetings and off-the-record discussions.

However, they find it exceedingly difficult to discuss it publicly, reflecting the dysfunction of Los Angeles’s local politics. The few times they do, it’s usually to justify their silence.

Bob Blumanfield, a city council member, wrote in March 2022, in answer to a years-long campaign against the Trump star, that he would like to remove any city-owned public display that shows backing for Donald Trump. He added that nowadays he has a much more difficult issue on which he is focused.  

While asked about the star last summer, Rick Chavez Zbur, the California state assemblymember whose district includes the Walk of Fame, told a gathering of Democratic party activists to “stay tuned.”

When asked what he meant, Zbur’s office first stated he was too busy to comment, then said his role was to work on state-level policy and that he normally deferred to local leaders on issues at the local level.

The Trump Star on the Walk of Fame Causes Controversy in LA
                                                                     Los Angeles Leaders Believe that the Memorial Should Be Removed


Other elected representatives have been similarly cautious, skirting the desires of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which has run the Walk of Fame since it began more than 60 years ago, and pointing out the bureaucratic complications of removing a star where no star, no matter how disputed, has ever been removed previously.

Their reticence may appear strange in a place where Trump only received 25% of the vote in the 2020 presidential election, and where, before his entering politics, he was mostly treated as the butt of jokes and chatter.

Hollywood’s Business Leader on Trump Star

They’re scared about making a decision, said one senior business executive in Hollywood, who, like many others contacted for this report, wished to remain nameless for fear of hurting colleagues or associates on a sensitive subject.

That inertia astounds campaigners such as Andrew Rudick, a remarkably tenacious campaigner who regularly approaches public officials about the Trump star at Walk of Fame dedication ceremonies for new honorees.

Rudick said it is not very difficult. We keep honoring this man, ignoring the fact that he tried an uprising against the nation of America. How can we, the people, have trust in the city council to handle any serious difficulty if they can’t get this done?

Trump’s star, which he achieved by anchoring numerous seasons of the TV reality show The Apprentice, has been regularly demolished or damaged in the eight years since he first ran for president. Despite this, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has consistently refused to remove it or repair the damage.

The star has also proven to be an attraction for street artists, who have embellished the marble and terrazzo plaque with a toilet, tub, and box files as a reflection on the sensitive documents discovered in a bathroom at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida.

Rudick believed the star should have been removed as soon as 2015 when NBC dismissed Trump from The Apprentice for portraying Mexicans as rapists bringing drugs and crime into the country. And it seemed obvious to him after the attempted insurgency at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, especially because the Los Angeles City Council completely issued an ordinance calling for Trump’s departure from office since he was responsible for a “seditious, racist, and violent” attack.

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