Democrat Abigail Spanberger plans to leave Congress to pursue a governorship in Virginia

Democrat Abigail Spanberger intends to leave Congress in order to run for governor of Virginia the following year. She listed right-wing threats to reproductive rights and efforts to impose strictures on public education as reasons for her announcement, which came one week after voters sent the current Republican governor, Glenn Youngkin, a strong message. 

We are standing at a crossroads right now. Spanberger, 44, stated this on Monday in a video. Our nation and civilization are under serious threats to our democracy, rights, and liberties. 

Voters last week awarded Democrats control of both houses of the Virginia legislature, which seems to have put an end to rumors that Youngkin, a comparatively centrist governor who has chosen to give culture war issues top priority while in office, and may enter the Republican primary later than expected. 

Youngkin, who was elected in 2021, is forbidden by Virginia law from seeking reelection a second time.

Spanberger stated that the right to reproductive freedom is at danger for Virginians. Some Richmond officials are more interested in banning abortion and reading than helping people. I can bring people together and complete important tasks that improve lives. I’m standing for governor because of this. 

We must stop using our children and teachers as political puppets. For all our children to succeed, we must concentrate on finding and keeping teachers while simultaneously avoiding radicals from destroying women’s reproductive rights.

Spanberger Not to Seek Reelection: 

Spanberger has joined an increasing number of Congressmen who have chosen not to seek reelection. The most notable notification of this kind came last week from Joe Manchin, a Democratic senator from West Virginia who is widely believed to be planning to declare a third-party candidature for the presidency. Ken Buck, a conservative Republican member of the House, made headlines when he declared that he was leaving the party due to dysfunction. 

Spanberger is seen as a centrist, much like Manchin. She is a former CIA agent who established gun control groups. She was elected to the US House in 2018 from a state that has been trending Democratic but is still quite competitive. Her biggest margin to date came from her victory in a redrawn seat in 2022.

Spanberger’s criticism of her party’s left wing has garnered media attention. However, Rich Anderson, the Virginia Republican Party chairman, told the Guardian prior to last week’s elections that although Spanberger runs as a centrist and uses moderation language, she actually votes as a rather radical liberal who leans to the left.

Democrat Abigail Spanberger plans to leave Congress to pursue a governorship in Virginia
We are standing at a crossroads right now. Spanberger, 44, stated this on Monday in a video

One voter, Lynn Meyers, 78, of Locust Grove, commented: I believe she would make an outstanding governor, but I would hate to lose her in Congress. She is spot on. She is grounded. She is just. She is not a loose cannon like a lot of our current political figures. 

The impending government shutdown was mentioned in Spanberger’s announcement video, giving a nod to such “loose cannons”—a common danger from a House Republican party loyal to its far right. 

Spanberger says we can capitalize on this deep rift at this time. In every community around the Commonwealth, I would like to represent all Virginians because it is past time that we act in the best interests of all of us. And that’s what matters most. 

In an interview with the Guardian, Gordonsville resident and fellow Virginia voter Willow Drinkwater, 82, suggested a different job that many believe Spanberger could still apply for. 

One day, I could see her dash for president. Drinkwater said, “I really could.” because she serves to bring together individuals. She is a conciliator.

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