Tim Scott Declares He Will Not Be Running for President in 2024

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Tim Scott Declares

South Carolina Senator Tim Scott declared the suspension of his 2024 presidential candidacy on an episode of the News Channel’s “Sunday Night in America” with Trey Gowdy on Sunday.

I think the voters, who are the most extraordinary people on the globe, have been quite explicit in saying, ‘Not now, Tim Scott remarked.

In addition to calling it quits, the senator stated that he had no plans to support another candidate for the Republican candidacy.

I love America much more than I did on May 22nd, but I will not be running for president when I return to Iowa. Tim Scott informed Gowdy, “I’m suspending my campaign. The world’s most extraordinary voters, in my opinion, have made it very evident that they agree with me—not now, Tim.

Just before Tim announced it, Tim Scott’s Race sent out an advertising email to supporters, offering them what it called a final opportunity to donate over the weekend and support Tim in reaching his campaign goal.

Furthermore, Tim Scott declined to be the running mate for the contender on the Republican Party’s national ticket in 2024.

He stated that he had never considered running for vice president.

A few campaign assistants told News that they were unaware of Tim Scott’s decision before his live appearance on Sunday night, which surprised some members of the senator’s crew. However, the senator did conduct an all-staff conference call after his broadcast live on Fox News Channel.

Tim Scott Declares He Will Not Be Running for President in 2024
Tim Scott declined to be the running mate for the contender on the Republican Party’s national ticket in 2024

A rising talent in the Republican Party, Tim Scott is the only black Republican serving in the Senate. He announced his presidential candidacy in May at a North Charleston, South Carolina, event.

On several occasions, the senator presented his “positive, encouraging message rooted in conservatism.”

Scott stressed that we live in a nation where a child reared in poverty by a single mother in a small apartment might one day take a position of administration, possibly even at the White House, as he stood just a few yards from his childhood home.

At the time, the senator told News that he was astounded by the desire for something constructive as long as it had conservative roots. provided that you possess a backbone.

Tim Scott is the Only Black Republican Senator

In May 2022, Tim Scott became the second South Carolinian to declare for the Republican presidential candidacy, following former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley. He largely spoke in an upbeat and passionate tone during the campaign, sharing his own life as a single mother and the only black Republican senator in office at the time.

The announcement was made days after the third GOP primary debate.

Early state polling conducted over the summer gave Tim Scott glimpses of improvement while the governor of Florida attempted to bridge the gap with outgoing President Trump. 

However, the Republican from South Carolina was unable to build on that momentum during the Republican presidential debates, especially in the first one, where he was mostly ignored while Haley, Mike Pence, and Vivek Ramaswamy sparred.  

His positive and hopeful message was a bust in a fierce GOP presidential primary race dominated by former President Donald Trump, who is airing his grievances in his third consecutive run for the presidency.

At the first GOP presidential primary debate in August, Scott lost ground while avoiding many verbal altercations and never benefiting from the bright lights of the prime-time stage.

Additionally, Tim Scott’s campaign struggled with a high cash burn rate, even though he had a $22 million campaign war chest when he entered the contest, money he had amassed while fundraising as a senator. 

The Tim Scott campaign, which increasingly viewed the Hawkeye State as the “make-or-break” state, declared in October that the senator was “all in on Iowa” and relocating its headquarters to West Des Moines, Iowa.

We’ve determined that Iowa is our only choice, and I’m thrilled to be there, Scott said in late October to conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt.

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