The American President leaves the stage of Honor Ceremony 

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Biden Administration Face Criticism

Joe Biden was criticized when the people on social media saw videos that showed the American President leaving the stage of the Honor ceremony in the White House. He left the stage before the closing time of prayer. 

On Tuesday, something happened right after the American President awarded the Medal to Captain Larry (former United States Army Captain). After this event, Joe Biden left the ceremony. 

Taylor, who is eighty-one years old, was awarded by the Medal of Honor for his epic performance during the war in Vietnam. Taylor was the first Lieutenant at that time. In the Vietnam War, he fearlessly piloted his helicopter into a wild condition to save four team members who were trapped by the opponent and in danger of losing their lives.  

Awarded a Medal to Taylor
American President awarded medal to Taylor

During the Medal of Honor Ceremony, the American President, Joe Biden, gave an appraisal of Taylor’s efforts in the war. Joe Biden narrated his incredible efforts and said, “It was pitch black. No moon. No stars. No light beyond the glow of Lieutenant Taylor’s cockpit control, when he heard a whisper coming through his radio.” Moreover, Biden gave appreciation for his bravery in the war and said, “Lieutenant Taylor knew the risks, but he was ready.” 

Ending Moments of Ceremony

At the ceremony’s ending moments, The United States President, Joe Biden, put the medal of honor on retired Lieutenant Taylor’s neck. Instead of staying on the stage of the ceremony until the crowd finished clapping and the MC concluded the prayer’s reading, Joe Biden started moving down the aisle and seemed to leave the stage of the ceremony. 

After that, as Taylor himself stood on the rostrum and then started the benediction reading, it seemed like someone in the audience gave a gesture to stay on the stage, even though the American President had already left the stage. 

In the past awards ceremonies of Medal of Honor 2020 and 2021, videos showed that the American President, Joe Bidden, stayed on the rostrum with preceding medal receivers till prayer ended. 

From the official videos of both years, it can be noticed that Joe Biden only left the stage after the ceremony officially ended and the band of White House started playing. 

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