Chris Christie smashed Trump In The Second GOP Debate

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Chris Christie smashed Trump In The Second GOP Debate

Second GOP debate held in the morning, A Republican candidate for presidential election Chris Christie, once again criticized the former president, Donald Trump. Trump already got angry on Christie for his statement. He compared Donald Trump with a cartoon and said he is not a Donald Trump he is Donald Duck.  

The former president of USA Donald Trump did not participate in the second GOP debate, as he has in the past, and it was held at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California. There is no evidence that Trump received a penalty for skipping the first debate, and it is unclear if anything will change this time around. The governor of Florida and Trump’s main rival in the polls, Ron DeSantis, slammed him for skipping the debate. 

Christie Criticism on Trump:

Regarding Trump, Christie remarked, “I live in his head, “speaking with ‘X’ news channel. Christie created an unforgettable moment during the discussion by accusing the absent Trump of avoiding these events while gazing into the camera. If you keep doing that, nobody up here will call you Donald Trump anymore, he said in jest.

They will refer to you as Donald Duck. The joke was not well received, and Trump later said that the person who produced that nickname should not be a candidate for president. 

Christie claimed that Trump attacked him the most during the debate because he was aware of the veracity of what Christie had said. Trump, the front-runner in the Republican presidential primary, has repeatedly declined to take part in debates with his rivals. Christie urged Trump to get on stage and defend his record despite being far behind in the polls. 

Second GOP Debate Held in the Morning
A Republican candidate for presidential election Chris Christie, once again criticized the former president, Donald Trump.


In reply to a question about whether it is true that Christie, an earlier supporter of Trump who has since turned loud in his criticism, would turn down the opportunity to serve as Trump’s vice president, Christie simply said, “No chance.” 

During the discussion, DeSantis adopted a more confrontational demeanor and attacked Trump in his opening statement. Trump, he claimed, was “missing in action” and needed to be on the stage to explain why he increased the national debt by $7 trillion (about $22,000 per person in the US) while in office. Trump’s comments against Florida’s six-week abortion ban were also criticized by DeSantis. 

DeSantis has tried to set himself apart from Trump without harming the Republican Party’s ardent Trump backers. The GOP contenders avoided taking sides in the ongoing United Auto Workers strike and instead concentrated on criticizing President Biden and talking about topics like government spending and immigration during the debate. 

Tim Scott, a senator from South Carolina, said that Biden should focus on sealing the southern border rather than backing the striking workers. Businessperson Vivek Ramaswamy sympathized with the employees but thought their methods were ineffective, advising them to demonstrate in front of the White House instead. Former Vice President Mike Pence defended employees’ freedom to decide whether to join unions and quipped that Biden should be on the picket line rather than the unemployment line. 

Nikki Haley, a former U.N. ambassador, asserted that workers are on strike because of Biden’s extravagant spending, which has led to inflation. 

Chris Christie, a former New Jersey governor and one of Donald Trump’s opponents, criticized him once more. Christie highlighted that Trump did not finish building the border wall and increased the national debt.

Christie addressed Trump directly during the debate, saying that he could not help but speak to him even though he was watching. Trump did not show up for the debate, he said, because he is in fear to defend his record. According to Christie, if Trump continues to shun debates, people will start referring to him as Donald Duck rather than Donald Trump. 

As a result of the audience’s unfavorable response to Christie’s states, the phrase “Donald Duck” quickly gained popularity on platform X, formerly known as Twitter. 

At the same time, President Trump was giving a speech in Clinton Township. Senior Trump campaign adviser Chris LaCivita issued a statement just prior to the debate’s conclusion calling it “boring and unimportant.” They demanded that the Republican National Committee halt all major debates. Republicans must concentrate on Joe Biden, the statement continued, and avoid from wasting time and resources on pointless discussions.

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