Communist Revolutionaries set U.S. Flags on Fire in Aldean’s Chicago Concert

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Communist Revolutionaries Ignite U.S. Flags

The Revolutionaries said, ‘America was never great’. They also adore Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution. On Saturday night, according to videos of the event, a communist revolutionaries group set fire to multiple American flags outside a concert of Jason Aldean in Chicago. 

The group was boosting awareness of the Revolutionary Communist Party (RevCom). They believed in making a Marxist revolution in the U.S., according to News2Share, who captured the videos. The activists set fire to multiple American flags until police declared an unlawful assembly and shattered the people. 

RevCom’s website said that the party had taken charge to guide a revolution in America. The purpose of all this to communism and principal share is the belly of the imperialist beast.

The protester’s policy statements adore Mao Zedong for using the “scientific method” and some aspects of his Cultural Revolution. RevComs said after some group members set fire to the U.S. flags, “We did it in a small town! We did it in a small town!” “Try That In A Small Town,” the group directed to Aldean’s song bashed by critics. 

Communist Revolutionaries Ignite U.S. Flags
                                                                  On Jason Alden’s Concert Communist Revolutionaries burn U.S. Flags


The song was released in May and was hated by most people after the music video was published on 14 July. Detractors bashed the lyrics of the song and video. They believed the message in the lyrics was to criticize the Black Lives Matter rampage. After the backlash, Aldean’s song skyrocketed to success, landing iTunes’ No. 1 song. 

Jason Alden’s Reaction  

Aldean reacted a few days after the video was released and said that in the past 24 hours, he has been blamed for a song launched in May and was said that he is not happy with Black Lives Matter protesters. He told his social media followers these connections are not on merit but also destructive.

Many famous politicians in the Democratic Party shout out Aldean’s song. Democratic state representative Justin Jones of Tennessee talked about Aldean music on CNN, and this is a song that reminds me of stories of young men like Ahmaud Arbery, Ralph Yarl …, and Trayvon Martin, whom white nemeses killed.

Pargo said burning the American flag is protected speech. He also supported communism, saying citizens of America don’t know about communism. He further told our group also welcomes those people who disagree with all of Revolution Club Chicago’s principles.

Pargo said We are urging individuals to come together no matter from where they belong and what their perspectives are. 

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