Donald Trump Appears in Court As The New York Civil Fraud Trial Gets Started

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump, a former president, appeared before Judge Arthur Engoron on Monday.

Trump attacked Engoron as a “rogue judge” before walking into the courtroom. Just minutes after New York Attorney General Letitia James arrived at the premises on Monday morning, Trump arrived with his entourage of attorneys.

Because there will be no jury in the case, Engoron will make the final decision. The GOP front-runner for 2024’s primary was denied a plea to postpone the civil trial by a New York State Appeals Court.

The long-running dispute between Letitia James, New York Attorney General, and former president Donald Trump is currently taking place in a courtroom in lower Manhattan. 

James has endured years of Trump’s insults while her office has been looking into him and his business. As a result of that investigation, James has filed a $250 million civil complaint charging Trump and others at the Trump Organization with massive fraud. On Monday, the trial resulting from that lawsuit began, and Trump was present for the opening remarks.

Prior to his court appearance, Trump spent a night at his Trump Tower in New York after promising to attend the first day. He attacked the court as “unfair, unhinged, and vicious” in a social media post for what he called a “sham” lawsuit, branding Attorney General Letitia James as “corrupt” and the case as a “sham”.

James sued Donald Trump, his children, and the Trump Organization, claiming that Trump had “inflated his wealth by billions of dollars” and that his children had assisted him in doing so. Engoron’s decision followed James’ lawsuit.

Defendants in the case
Donald Trump Appears in Court As The New York Civil Fraud Trial Gets Started
Donald Trump With His Eldest Daughter, Ivanka Trump


In September 2022, James filed a lawsuit against Trump, three of his children—Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump—along with other business officials and the Trump Organization itself. They were charged by her office of committing years of fraud and greatly inflating the worth of many of Trump’s properties and his wealth on financial documents. 

Ivanka Trump-related claims were dropped last summer by a New York appellate court, which ruled that they included agreements from a long time ago. The allegations involving the organization, Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump were not thrown out by the judge, allowing the cases against them to proceed to trial.

Donald Trump Received A Loan From Deutsche Bank Even The Bank Estimating His Net Worth To Be $2 Billion Less Than He Did

Chris Kise, the attorney for former president Donald Trump, cited records from Deutsche Bank that showed the bank rated Trump’s net worth $2 billion lower than Trump did while still approving him for a loan.

According to Kise, the disparity in the assessment demonstrates that wide variations in financial appraisals are typical for commercial real estate. 

This is what occurs in this city every day, he remarked. Kise pointed out that the bank still backed the loan for Trump despite the $2 billion discrepancy in the estimation of Trump’s net worth with their own independent study and Trump’s. 

Rosemary Vrablic, who served as the lead on Trump’s account, will be one of the witnesses from Deutsche Bank that Trump’s attorneys intend to call as part of their case.

Donald Trump Still Has To Go Through One More New York Trial

Trump has a full schedule of upcoming events, including prospective court appearances.  His civil case is not his only one.

In January, a second trial over E. Jean Carroll’s defamation claim against Trump is scheduled. Earlier this year, the Justice Department declared that the former president is not shielded from a second defamation lawsuit Carroll has filed against him due to remarks he made about her while in office. In a court case for defamation and sexual assault of Carroll in the 1990s, a jury had held Trump responsible for his actions. 

The charges in DC, Georgia, and Florida have separately brought criminal accusations against Trump.

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