Hunter Biden, 53, Showed Up Unexpectedly On Capitol Hill Scene

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Hunter Biden, 53, Showed Up Unexpectedly On Capitol Hill Scene

Hunter Biden unexpectedly showed up at a Capitol Hill hearing on Wednesday, igniting a political firestorm just as Republicans were preparing to file charges of contempt of Congress against his father for allegedly ignoring a congressional subpoena.

The panel that is trying to remove President Biden from office was thrown into disarray when the president’s son showed up at the Oversight Committee and sat in the audience with his legal team, which included lawyer Abbe Lowell.

Separate markups of the contempt resolution are being held by the House Judiciary and Oversight committees, which subpoenaed the president’s son to testify as part of the investigation into President Joe Biden’s impeachment.

As Congressmen deliberated what to do, Hunter Biden and his attorneys strolled through the halls of Congress outside the Oversight Committee meeting, causing a fracas both within and outside the committee room.

Just moments after entering the room, he and his entourage exited, prompting Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Republican from Georgia, to call the younger Mr. Biden a “coward.”

Hunter Biden was afraid of strong conservative Republican women, according to Ms. Greene, who had shown pictures of him in his underwear during a prior committee hearing. He could not even confront her statements.

During her remarks, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) attacked Hunter Biden, labeling him the “epitome of white privilege.” 

Mace wondered who had bought Hunter Biden’s attendance that day.

Hunter Biden was the height of white privilege, according to Mace, who entered the Oversight Committee, spat in their faces, and disregarded a subpoena from Congress demanding his resignation. What was Hunter Biden frightened of, she wondered? 

Mace went on to say that she believed Hunter Biden ought to be taken into custody and placed in jail immediately.

Due to his past drug use, Hunter was held accountable for the cocaine discovered in the White House during the previous summer. In response to this notion, the White House stated that the evidence could not be compared to the known group of people by the Secret Service.

In December, the president’s son purposefully disobeyed a congressional subpoena by holding a press conference where he attacked those looking into President Biden’s purported involvement in his business dealings.

He informed reporters that he had been the object of the relentless Trump attack machine for six years, with people yelling, “Where’s Hunter?” “I am here” was his response.

A comparable markup is being conducted by the House Judiciary Committee on the resolution suggesting that Biden be found in contempt of Congress. There may be a complete contempt of Congress vote on the House floor in the coming days if the resolution passes out of committees on Wednesday, according to sources. 

In his introductory remarks, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer stated that substantial evidence from their investigation indicates that President Biden was aware of, took part in, and profited from his family’s use of the Biden name.

Hunter Biden
Hunter Biden, Seated In The Center, Attends A House Oversight Committee Markup With His Lawyer, Abbe Lowell


Hunter Biden didn’t say anything to reporters other than to answer a question about why he put his father on speaker phone multiple times during meetings. He said to Hunter Biden that would he answer the phone if his father called him.

As Republicans near the completion of their impeachment investigation into the president himself, the House Oversight and Judiciary committees will vote on contempt resolutions that likely culminate in the U.S. House approving criminal charges.

Statement From Florida Rep. On Hunter Biden

Rep. Jared Moskowitz, a Democrat from Florida, addressed Mace’s mockery of the president’s son during the Oversight hearing by noting that Hunter Biden was available for a conversation at that moment, should the lady desire one.

In response, Mace stated that she believed Hunter Biden should be taken into custody and placed in jail immediately.

Hunter Biden and his legal representative fled the room as GOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia began her speech.

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