Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Ex-Husband Arrested On Assault And Weapons Charges

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Rep. Lauren Boebert's Ex-Husband Arrested On Assault And Weapons Charges

Days after an alleged confrontation between the ex-couple, Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s former spouse was taken into custody on assault and weapons charges.

As per the Garfield County Jail records obtained by The Daily Beast, Jayson Boebert is facing six counts, which include impeding a peace officer, third-degree assault, and prohibited use of weapons.

Three days after he and his ex-wife, Ms. Boebert, got into a fight at a Colorado restaurant, Mr. Boebert was taken into custody on Tuesday.

The possibility of Lauren Boebert being charged in connection with Saturday’s event in the town of Silt was not disclosed by the authorities. Although the investigation is still ongoing, police chief Mike Kite expressed optimism that it will soon come to an end.

Following their recent divorce, Jayson Boebert reported to local law authorities that his ex-wife had struck him in the face at the Miner’s Claim Restaurant in Silt. This prompted a police inquiry into the marriage. In response to the allegation, Lauren Boebert refuted it and said that, for the 2024 election, she was shifting her congressional district.

Although the details of what transpired at the Miner’s Claim restaurant are unknown, Boebert’s campaign issued a statement on Sunday in which she claimed that she “didn’t punch Jayson in the face” and that nobody was taken into custody. She cried out that she would go to her lawyer about the false accusations he made against her and weigh all of her legal options.

In an interview with Westword on Monday, Jayson Boebert expressed his contrition for the event. He claimed that during their conversation about their relationship over dinner, things got heated.

Although the department has not provided any new information since the weekend, Silt Police Chief Mike Kite has stated that an investigation is under progress.

By about 500 votes, Lauren Boebert barely prevailed in Colorado’s 3rd district for reelection in 2022. She declared in the last few weeks that she will run in 2024 in a nearby district that is more conservative-friendly. Boebert added in her Sunday statement that she was moving for other reasons, including the alleged event over the weekend.

In a statement, Mr. Boebert admitted to The Daily Beast that he was mistaken and that they had both overreacted. He went on to say that he still really loved her and that all he cared about was what was best for [the] sons.

Lauren Boebert
Representative Lauren Boebert, A Republican From Colorado And Member Of The House Freedom Caucus, Talks At A Press Conference On Capitol Hill In Washington, D.C., On July 14, 2023


He went on to say that they both harbored some inside hurt. They just seem to keep pushing each other away. He said that he only wanted the best for her and that keeping quiet was probably for the best.

Lauren Boebert, a Republican who has represented the western portion of Colorado in the U.S. House for two terms, declared on December 27 that she would be moving to the eastern side of the state this year to run for a seat. Due to the retirement of Republican U.S. Representative Ken Buck, the seat is vacant.

Boebert would have most certainly faced a Democratic opponent in her present district, one who has significantly outraised her and almost defeated her in the general election of 2022.

Lauren Boebert Was Pulled From A Performance

In September, Lauren Boebert was pulled from a Beetlejuice performance after it was said that she was singing, vaping, and having personal contact with her male date. She minimized the incident at first and then apologized, attributing her actions to stress brought on by her divorce.

Boebert stated at the time that there was no ideal guide for navigating a contentious and public divorce, which has made the last few months tough for her and her family on a personal level. She continued by saying that although she did her best to manage it with grace and strength, she couldn’t help but fall short of her moral standards.

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