Joe Biden Will Meet With Chinese President Xi Jinping in San Francisco Today

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Joe Biden Will Meet With Chinese President Xi Jinping

American President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping are scheduled to meet on Wednesday before the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum’s summit in San Francisco, hoping to calm tensions in what many regard as the world’s most deadly competition.

The heads of the two biggest economies in the world have been acquainted for more than ten years and have conversed for hours six times since Joe Biden’s appointment in January 2021. However, since then, they have only held face-to-face meetings once, and Xi, who landed in San Francisco on Tuesday night, hasn’t been to the country since 2017, during the Trump administration.

According to the White House, the summit’s goal is to improve communication in order to keep a fierce rivalry from turning into hostilities. It will take place at an undisclosed location in the San Francisco Bay Area. Global issues, including the Middle East conflict, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and Taiwan, North Korea’s ties to Russia, human rights, artificial intelligence, and “fair” trade and economic relations, are all expected to be discussed during the meeting.

President Joe Biden is going to negotiate a limit on the use of artificial intelligence in nuclear weapons with China.

The report claims that Joe Biden and Xi will consent to restricting the application of AI in autonomous armed systems like drones, as well as in systems that operate and deliver nuclear weapons.

The agreement is made at a time when tensions between the two nations are high due to China’s ongoing military buildup in the South China Sea and its eavesdropping operations in the United States. However, the agreement is made at a time when many have expressed worry about the mounting ethical issues that arise from allowing unrestricted AI use in battle.

Joe Biden Will Meet With Chinese President Xi Jinping in San Francisco Today
Joe Biden and Xi will consent to restricting the application of AI in autonomous armed systems

A similar agreement is “necessary,” according to Phil Siegel, the creator of the Center for Advanced Preparedness and Threat Response Simulation (CAPTRS); however, he also suggested that other powerful nations, like Russia, should be parties to the deal.

According to Siegel, I believe they will reach an agreement on AI-driven autonomous weapons that should only be used for reconnaissance rather than combat. If they are not, the world will turn into a very dangerous place. I believe that in order to prevent us from descending into perpetual warfare, there is still more to come.

However, Pioneer Development Group’s chief statistics officer, Christopher Alexander, questioned the necessity of the agreement, pointing out that the United States would be giving up the competitive edge it currently has over China.

Joe Biden Decision

Alexander told News Digital that this was a very bad choice. First of all, the Joe Biden administration has just given up a strategic advantage because China is not as advanced in AI as the United States is. AI also lessens stress, which enhances decision-making and helps avoid making the critical mistake of releasing nuclear weapons.

Because AI is developing so quickly and opening up new applications that could be helpful in battle, China and the U.S. have been racing to incorporate AI into the military. However, it appears that both nations have come to understand the risks associated with allowing AI to be used without restraint, as evidenced by their participation in a deal earlier this year that supported the appropriate application of AI in the armed forces.

However, given China’s disinterest in the Paris Climate Agreement, staff editor Samuel Mangold-Lenett at The Federalist asked whether the nation could be trusted to uphold such an agreement.

Investors will be closely watching the discussions to see how the two governments are feeling.

Political analysts said that any improvement in the mood could only be temporary. The 21 APEC members and the rest of the world hope for an easing of U.S.-China tensions, and progress on that score would be viewed positively. A year full of uncertainty is ahead, with elections in Taiwan early in the following year and the United States presidential election in November 2024 potentially ushering in a Trump comeback.

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