Nancy Pelosi Has Been Told To Leave Her Office in The Capitol Building By Interim House Speaker McHenry

Home Politics Nancy Pelosi Has Been Told To Leave Her Office in The Capitol Building By Interim House Speaker McHenry
Nancy Pelosi Has Been Told To Leave Her Office in The Capitol Building By Interim House Speaker McHenry

On Tuesday, former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that Republican Representative Patrick McHenry of North Carolina, who has just been chosen interim speaker, had ordered her to leave her work space in the Capitol building.

She is still based out of the Cannon House business center.

Going to redirect h-132 for speaker office use, according to an email sent from McHenry’s office to Pelosi’s office just after 6 p.m. on Tuesday. Tomorrow, please abandon the area.

McHenry is a personal friend of the now-ex-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California who lost his post on Tuesday.

One of the congressman’s first actions as the top House politician was to request the expulsion of McHenry.

According to a representative for the former speaker, Nancy Pelosi left her hiding place on Tuesday with assistance from the employees of House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y.

Nancy Pelosi, a former speaker of the House, and Steny Hoyer, a former majority leader, both received notices that their prized second offices in the Capitol will be “re-assigned,” according to NBC News.

Nancy Pelosi is Ordered By McHenry
After Kevin McCarthy, The Now-Former House Speaker Was Removed On Tuesday, McHenry Took Over As Speaker Pro Tempore


When asked what prompted the evictions, representatives for McCarthy, a Republican from California, and the new interim speaker, Representative Patrick McHenry, a Republican from North Carolina, did not immediately react.

Pelosi, who will continue to represent her district in California, observed that the notice of eviction arrived while she was en route to San Francisco for Senator. Dianne Feinstein’s funeral, who passed away on Friday.

Nancy Pelosi stated in her statement that she was unable to promptly relocate her possessions since she wasn’t in Washington, DC.

The California Democrat stated that one of the first actions taken by the newly elected Speaker Pro Tempore was to direct him to leave his office in the Capitol immediately. With all of the important choices that the fresh Republican Leadership has to make, which they are all anxiously awaiting, he added. “Sadly, I am unable to recover my possessions at this time since I am in California paying tribute to and grieving the loss of my great friend Dianne Feinstein.”

Office space, according to the previous speaker, “seems to be important to them, but it doesn’t matter to me.”

The party in power grants leaders on both sides of the aisle the secret offices in the Capitol, which are regarded as benefits.

Nancy Pelosi and Hoyer will still have their spacious legislative offices in the Longworth House Office Building despite losing their secret Capitol accommodations.

Republicans in Congress are unhappy with Democrats for supporting the far right and Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida in his attempt to oust Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy.

Feinstein, the longest-serving female US senator in history with three decades in the Senate, passed away last Thursday at the age of 90 after months of deteriorating health. On Wednesday, before the funeral services on Thursday, she will be laid in the state at San Francisco City Hall.

Representative Steny Hoyer was ejected from his secret office in the Capitol by the House Republican leadership as well, his staff said CNN on Wednesday.

A Republican source for the House Administration Committee, which supervises office spaces, told CNN this was not an appeal made by the committee.

Nancy Pelosi Did’nt Vote To Oust McCarthy 
Nancy Pelosi
Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Did Not Help Matt Gaetz To Oust Kevin McCarthy


Following McCarthy’s removal from his seat via a move to vacate, Pelosi was also dismissed.

Representative. Matt Gaetz of Florida and eight House Republicans joined all House Democrats in voting to oust McCarthy as speaker. Pelosi abstained from the vote because she was in California carrying Senator Feinstein’s remains to their final resting place.

McCarthy claimed on Tuesday night that Nancy Pelosi had assured him she would “always back you up” if any member of the GOP caucus presented a motion to unseat him when he became speaker in January.

However, Pelosi wasn’t in Washington to support McCarthy when the death blow was eventually delivered.

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