Kevin McCarthy’s Speakership Era is Over. Why Did Matt Gaetz Take Action To Remove McCarthy?

Home Politics Kevin McCarthy’s Speakership Era is Over. Why Did Matt Gaetz Take Action To Remove McCarthy?
Kevin McCarthy's Speakership Era is Over. Why Did Matt Gaetz Take Action To Remove McCarthy?

Representative. Matt Gaetz, a Republican who serves the Florida panhandle in part, is responsible for the uprising that resulted in the speaker of the House losing his job.

On the House floor, Gaetz stated that he wanted to see “a series of reforms” made to the way that Congress allocates funds through the budgeting process.

However, some Republicans claimed that his motivations were much more self-centered. During a debate on the House floor, Republican representative Ashley Hinson from Iowa denounced “those causing disruption for the sake of their personal benefit.”

The Florida Republican who threatened to shut down the government and organized Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s removal on Tuesday has a lot of adversaries in Congress. 

He doesn’t care because he represents a Florida district that supported former President Trump by a margin of 68% to 29% in 2020 and hasn’t voted Democratic in decades. Thus, despite the fact his approval score was a pitiful 20% – lower than Joe Biden’s – in 2018, election experts offered him 99% odds of getting re-elected.  

Matt Gaetz may have thought it was in his self-interest to throw the House — and the Republican party — into disarray and uncertainty for a number of different reasons.

The now-expelled Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, asserts that Gaetz has an internal vendetta against him due to a House ethics investigation into Gaetz. There are other ways in which Gaetz’s disruption mission and the enormous media attention it generates could support his 2026 bid for governor of Florida. Additionally, there are numerous demands and incentives in contemporary politics that encourage this anti-leadership behavior.

Finally, there is the undertone of Trumpism that permeates everything and drives what little Republican electorate support there is for Matt Gaetz.

According to Gaetz and the other GOP bomb-throwers, what is McCarthy’s crime? Obtaining Democratic support to approve a plan that would keep the government open. Of course, the irony is that Gaetz himself needed Democratic support to unseat McCarthy.  

The most persistent insult committed by Gaetz, however, is to characterize those who support fiscal conservatism as what President Biden would gladly refer to as “MAGA extremists.” He and a few other House members have criticized Congress’ eagerness to put off dealing with the economy, and they have made our excessive government spending the main focus of their uprising.  Those objections are valid, and arguing about our deficits is not absurd.

The GOP should be leading this struggle, but they have merely grudgingly done so. Even after gaining a majority in the House, Republicans in Congress permitted the massive $1.7 trillion overall spending plan to pass in December, opening the door for Matt Gaetz and handing Biden a hall pass.

The credit rating company Fitch downgraded American Treasury bonds in August, stating that the move “describes the expected fiscal downturn during the next 3 years, [and] an elevated and growing overall government debt burden.” Was anyone in attendance? 

I, Matt Gaetz, did everything correctly!
Matt Gaetz Took Action Against McCarthy
Matt Gaetz’s Statements On What He is Doing


I’m Matt Gaetz, and I don’t know what’s upsetting everyone. My behavior is excellent! Everything I’m doing is correct! Why didn’t you notice what I noticed? what we all observed? Why, Congress is now working! The worst! I then stopped it! I have guts! A hero, I am! I’m putting my entire weight behind the forward motion while admonishing it, “Not today!” You specifically chose me to achieve this. And you seem to be upset?

No shame in either, I respond to those who claim that I am “either a fool or a liar”! You’d better hold your tongue if you feel strongly against fools and liars in front of our presumed presidential nominee! He’ll be offended by it!

I do act like a narcissistic bully, that much is true. I’m using the spotlight to accomplish something useless, out of retaliation, or perhaps just plain ignorance! I WELCOME YOU!

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