Biden Faces Further Criticism Regarding The US-Mexico Border: “Money Was Appropriated For The Border Wall”

Home Politics Biden Faces Further Criticism Regarding The US-Mexico Border: “Money Was Appropriated For The Border Wall”
Biden Faces Further Criticism Regarding The US-Mexico Border: "Money Was Appropriated For The Border Wall"

President Biden’s inability to address the issues of border security and illegal immigration three years into his term. There are now more immigrants than ever crossing the border between the United States and Mexico.

The president will be burdened by the idea that the border wall is out of his hands going into the 2024 election. The problem itself continues to be a policy gap for the Democratic Party.

All of that serves as a background for what happened this past week. Biden administration officials stated additional measures last week, such as the giving up of environmental regulations and laws to accelerate the construction of a barrier on an area of the border in South Texas, in response to calls for action from some Democratic mayors and governors whose cities have been overcome by an influx of migrants.

The advertisement boasts about a senator’s work with Republicans to stop the importation of fentanyl and other illegal drugs into the United States, taking tough measures against Chinese interests supporting smugglers, and noting how he “wrote a bill signed by Donald Trump that raised funding for Border Patrol.” It sounds like something out of the GOP 2024 playbook.

It’s actually an advertisement for Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, a Democrat who is up for reelection in a close race that will determine which party controls the Senate.

The Rio Grande Valley border wall, which will stretch for 20 miles, will cost the government close to $200 million. The administration claims that because Congress approved $1.375 billion for such border barriers in 2019, and because the remaining money must be spent by the end of the fiscal year, it is forced into this dilemma. However, for the first two years of the Biden administration, Democrats were in charge of Congress.

They may have used that cash differently. However, this Democratic government is beginning to sound a lot like Donald Trump. According to the Federal Register notice, there is currently a critical and urgent need to build physical barriers and roads close to the US border in order to stop unauthorized entry.

Border Wall
Larger Mammals’ Migration Paths Will Be Obstructed By The Border Wall, Even Though Human Smugglers May Be Able To Pass Through The Steel Barricades


The onset of everything appears odd given that the funding was given when Trump was in office. A few days prior, Illinois’ Democratic governor, J.B.

Pritzker, wrote to the White House pleading with Congress and the federal government to address border concerns that he claimed had placed his state in “an untenable situation.” When Brandon Johnson, the recently elected mayor of Chicago, stated he would be going to the border to assess the situation, they arrived at the same moment.

The statement serves as yet another illustration of the political and security difficulties President Joe Biden has faced because of the U.S.-Mexico border. Polls show widespread dissatisfaction with Biden’s management of migration and the border, posing a significant issue for the president’s reelection next year. Some Democrats throughout the nation are breaking away from the White House.

The Democrats have failed politically on one of the most crucial topics of the impending 2024 election. Furthermore, it is a grave policy failure.

Pelosi stated that the border wall was “immoral, expensive, and foolish” in April 2017 and noted that Trump never stated he would transfer billions of dollars to taxpayers.

The following year, she would express herself similarly before referring to the border wall as a “manhood issue” for Trump at a news conference held at the Harvard Kennedy School in October 2018.

Joe Biden Demanded $5 Billion For His Border Wall in December 2018

Creating barriers across the southern border has long been the subject of divisive debate among public authorities, but it has intensified under the Trump administration.

Trump sought $5 billion for his wall in December 2018, but Democrats responded with a standoff led by Nancy Pelosi of California, the head of the House Democratic Caucus, and former Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y.

Trump’s ideas for a border wall have drawn strong criticism from Schumer and Pelosi ever since he declared his candidacy in 2015. Trump said at the time that Mexico would cover the cost of building the border wall. Nevertheless, he reneged on this election pledge all the way through his presidency.

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