Biden Administration Face Criticism after Hamas Attack on Israel

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Biden Administration Face Criticism

Gop in both the Senate and the House is blasting the government of Joe Biden for allowing $6 billion in Iranian assets to be unfrozen months before Hamas terrorists executed a deadly and huge strike on Israel early Saturday. The Biden administration called the allegations “false and inaccurate.”

A few months ago, the Biden administration gave Iran $6 billion, and today, innocent Israelis were slaughtered by Iran-backed terrorists, according to Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn. We have to keep supporting our strongest Middle Eastern ally and their right to protect themselves against these unwarranted, horrible attacks.

After Hamas militants seized southern Israel, Blackburn spoke out. Thousands of missiles were launched into Israel, and scores of fighters crossed the border. According to local Israeli media, at least 100 individuals were murdered in the attack.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel was “at war” and pledged that the terrorists would pay an unimaginable price. According to the White House, President Biden received information on the terrible Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel.

Republicans, on the other hand, emphasized the U.S. government’s recent decision to release $6 billion in blocked Iranian money as part of a prisoner swap arrangement. The agreement permits money kept in a South Korean bank to be transferred to accounts in Qatar.

According to the government, the funds can only be used for humanitarian initiatives, and the US will have authority over how and when they are spent. There is no proof that any of the $6 billion has yet exited Qatar’s account.

Those released funds have nothing whatsoever to do with the terrible attacks today, said Adrienne Watson, a spokesperson for the White House National Security Council, saying that this is not an occasion for propagating misinformation.

After speaking with Netanyahu, President Joe Biden issued a statement calling the attack from Gaza “horrific” and an “appalling assault,” stating Netanyahu that the US would “be ready to offer any necessary method of support” to Israel and its citizens, while Watson stated that the US “unequivocally opposes” the attacks.

Biden Administration Face Criticism after Hamas Attack on Israel
Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu Revealed that the Country was “At War.” as Gaza, Terrorists Launched a Lethal Volley of Rockets

Trump further stated that his government created so much stability in the Middle East with the Abraham Accords, a U.S.-mediated multilateral deal signed by Israel, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates in September 2020 to acknowledge Israel’s independence, claiming Biden whittled down” the terms of the Abraham Accords, that peace at a far faster rate than anyone imagined possible.”

Biden Administration on Hamas Attack

To be clear, the agreement to return US nationals to the United States from Iran has nothing to do with the heinous attack on Israel. No money has been spent, and if it is, it can only be used for humanitarian purposes such as food and medication. Anything to the contrary is incorrect, according to State Department spokesperson Matt Miller in an X post.

However, detractors claim that the money is reusable and might be diverted somewhere. Iran is a known Hamas supporter, and it applauded the Saturday strikes on Israel. According to the State Department, Iran gives over $100 million per year to Palestinian militant groups such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

This is why so many Americans and Israelis were disgusted when [President Biden] gave the Iranian dictatorship $6 billion last month, according to Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., on X. Every dollar sent to Iran goes into terrorism as part of the Ayatollah’s goal to wipe out Israel. Everyone must acknowledge that Iran is sponsoring today’s attack.

The White House also fought back against Republicans’ story, with Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates calling it a “shameful lie” in every way, at a moment when both parties should be completely unified in favor of Israel’s security.

On Saturday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated that the United States unconditionally opposes the terrible attacks by Hamas terrorists targeting Israel, particularly civilians and civilian areas.

There is never an excuse for terrorism. We express our sympathy with the Israeli government and people, as well as our sorrow for the Israeli lives lost in these attacks. We will maintain regular contact with our Israeli counterparts. He stated that the US supports Israel’s right to self-defense.

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