Nikki Haley, 52, Experiences Tough Competitions From Trump And His Allies

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Nikki Haley, 52, Experiences Tough Competitions From Trump And His Allies

Only a few days before the election, Donald Trump’s political operation aims to destroy Nikki Haley’s presidential candidacy.

Millions of dollars are spent by the former president’s campaign on TV commercials criticizing Haley for the first time.

The efforts of his supporters and social media influencers to disparage her are intensifying. Additionally, Trump criticized her more harshly at his event in Iowa on Friday night than he has done at any other point throughout the primary.

At a rally in Iowa on Friday, Trump intensified his criticism of Nikki Haley, his opponent in 2024, as Haley’s popularity has grown.

At the Sioux Center gathering, Trump informed the Iowa people that Biden donors were financing Nikki Haley’s campaign. During his administration, Haley was the U.N. ambassador; he referred to her as a “globalist.”

In a flurry of activity this weekend, Mr. Trump, Ms. Haley, and Ron DeSantis traveled around Iowa to present their cases before the state’s caucuses on January 15. Voters were subjected to an endless assault of mailings, TV commercials, and door-knockers.

Although the Republican contest has been unfolding under extremely unusual conditions, it has remained stubbornly stagnant for months. This is despite the late surge of campaigning. Even though he faces 91 felony counts scattered across four criminal cases, Mr. Trump continues to lead the party overwhelmingly.

The Trump team has decided that Nikki Haley now needs a larger portion of its efforts than Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, after devoting the last year nearly entirely to his downfall. The former governor of South Carolina and Trump’s former ambassador to the United Nations are increasingly seen by Trump’s supporters as the final hurdle standing in the way of his candidacy.

Trump advisor Jason Miller said in a statement that the president has always declared he would focus on the candidate who placed second in the poll. Miller continued, saying that Nikki Haley was now in the driver’s seat since Rob DeSanctimonious was closing in on single digits everywhere and his presidential bid was on life support.

Nikki Haley has gained momentum in the Granite State after receiving the support of the well-liked governor of New Hampshire, Chris Sununu, who accompanied her on the campaign road after endorsing her last month.

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) Action, the political branch of a powerful, well-funded, conservative public advocacy organization with extensive grassroots outreach, also backs her.

However, Haley has also made careless mistakes that have given her opponents an advantage, such as mishandling a voter’s inquiry on the reason behind the Civil War and claiming that they would “correct” the Iowa caucus results to voters in New Hampshire.

Nikki Haley
On Friday, January 5, 2024, In Des Moines, Iowa, US, Nikki Haley, A Former UN Ambassador And Republican Presidential Contender For 2024, Is Shown On The Right, With New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu, During A Campaign Event


Since December, the largest super PAC supporting Haley has spent over $13 million targeting Representative Ron DeSantis in Iowa. One recent mailer, which calls the governor “unoriginal” and “too lame to lead,” incorporates Mr. Trump’s signature blond hair photo-shopped onto Mr. DeSantis.

On Saturday, the third anniversary of the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol, Mr. Trump continued to spread false information about the outcomes of the previous election, which served as the impetus for the violent revolt.

Trump’s Main Target Against Nikki Haley

The primary focus has shifted, with Trump and his MAGA followers latching onto everything and everything, including Haley’s comments about the Civil War and a video that surfaced this week showing her telling PBS in Iowa that “you change personalities” between early states.

Regarding whether she would reverse the order of the GOP nomination races, as President Joe Biden did on the Democratic side this year, Haley was answering a question. Haley stated that they wanted things to remain as they were. She added that it began in Iowa and she said that you adopted a new persona, once you enter New Hampshire, and they carry on.

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