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On Saturday, former US President Donald Trump made the argument that “negotiation” may have prevented the Civil War, contending that Abraham Lincoln ought to have done more to avert carnage and that the struggle to abolish slavery in the US was ultimately pointless.

To be honest with you, Trump stated during a campaign rally in Newton, Iowa, that “so many mistakes were made” and that “there was something that could have been negotiated.” He went on to say that he believed there was a chance to negotiate it and that would have prevented so many deaths.

Historians who participated in interviews characterized Trump’s remarks as false and contested the idea that a deal or discussion could have been struck to end the war over slavery, which claimed an estimated 620,000 lives between 1861 and 1865—some historians speculating that the number was considerably higher.

In an email, James Grossman, the executive director of the American Historical Association, stated that people were owned, purchased, and sold by other people in a large area of the southern United States. He continued by saying that the “owners” may whip them or use other cruel types of punishment at their discretion.

Trump also attacked Nikki Haley on Friday at another rally in Iowa for not mentioning “slavery” while discussing what led to the Civil War. Since then, Haley has stated that slavery was undoubtedly a factor in the Civil War.

Professor of history at Yale University David Blight called Trump’s claim that the conflict might have been negotiated “historically ignorant” and “elementary school nonsense.”

Unexpectedly, the Civil War has come up during the GOP primary campaign. More than a week before Trump’s remarks, Haley provided a response to a query regarding the origins of the Civil War without bringing up slavery, which was the main cause of the conflict.

Since then, she has apologized numerous times, claiming that she assumed the information was obvious.

Trump didn’t mention or respond to Haley’s comments in his speech.

Additionally, Trump has made similar claims about the possibility of a different outcome to the Civil War before.

Trump Said That The Civil War Does Not Need To Happen
Photographed At Antietam, Maryland, In 1862 During The American Civil War, Is President Abraham Lincoln (With A Top Hat) Facing General George B. McClellan Of The Union Army, Along With McClellan’s Staff


In a 2017 radio interview, Trump asserted that the Civil War would not have occurred if President Andrew Jackson had lived a little bit longer. Historians criticized Jackson for making that statement, pointing out that he passed away sixteen years before the Civil War started.

Trump then tweeted that President Andrew Jackson, who passed away sixteen years before the American Civil War, was furious and could have predicted it. Would never have allowed it to happen, he continued.

Liz Cheney’s Statement On Civil War Negotiation

Former Republican Representative Liz Cheney criticized Trump’s social media views, questioning how Republicans who have backed the outgoing president could “possibly defend this?”

Which aspect of the Civil War “could have been negotiated,” according to Cheney’s writing? the portion about slavery? The part about secession? And whether Lincoln ought to have kept the Union intact? he asked. a query for the Lincoln Party members of the Republican Party who have backed Donald Trump: In what way are you going to justify this?

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